Superman & Lois First Trailer Released

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

superman lois

Superman & Lois has been one of the most eagerly anticipated shows in the DC canon. The series promises to give the Man of Steel and the intrepid reporter a new take by casting them as parents in Smallville. We have seen a number of teasers for the show in the form of costume reveals and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, but a full trailer has been out of reach for quite some time.

Now, we can finally see the first official trailer for Superman & Lois and take a look at exactly what is in store for the series. Watch the trailer right here:

Superman & Lois looks to be creating a family drama around the two Kent sons – Jonathan and Jordan – and exactly how they will take to being the children of the most powerful man on the planet. We aren’t sure if Jonathan and Jordan will be acquiring their father’s superpowers, but it does sound like there could be some discord among the family. Add to that the stresses of being the world’s savior and there will be plenty of conflict for the show to mine.

It also looks like Superman & Lois will be featuring an overarching issue regarding a mysterious stranger that enters Smallville. Who could this unknown character be? Theories abound but it is likely it will end up being one of Superman’s most notable foes. The CW iteration of the DC universe has already adapted a number of supervillains, so it is going to be fascinating to see who this character ends up being.

There should be some curbing of expectations with Superman & Lois though. With the characters relocating to Smallville, it is unlikely that we will see a ton of trips to Metropolis or anything else as sizable. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Superman show without the Man of Steel flexing his abilities from time to time, but it will probably be on a much smaller scale (and budget) than what we have seen in feature films.


It is also going to be interesting to see how Superman & Lois handles the character of Lois Lane. In most interpretations, the character is not exactly a person who would take easily to a rural lifestyle. Will she be getting a little stir crazy in Smallville, or will she become the little town’s most resourceful reporter? Lois Lane has always been an incredibly independent spirit and it is going to be a real trip to see her try and settle down with two kids.

Superman & Lois certainly feels like a big stepping stone for The CW’s plunge into the DC universe. Crafting a show around one of the brand’s flagship characters is a big mission statement. Will new viewers be interested in checking out the show? Or are these DC adaptations only being viewed by their faithful fans at this point? Does Superman & Lois have the chance to be a real breakout hit for the network? We will find out once the show premieres on Tuesday, February 23. Just a few months away from a brand new iteration of the world’s first superhero.