Superman Also To Be Latino Going Forward?

By Ross Bonaime | 3 months ago

superman henry cavill

Just last week, Sasha Calle was cast as Supergirl in The Flash, the first Latina to ever play the role, and one of the rare examples of a Latino superhero in film or television. Considering that The Flash is based on the Flashpoint storyline, it’s unclear if Calle’s Supergirl will be part of this universe, or from another one in the multiverse. However, a new rumor suggests that DC might also be considering a Latino Superman.

This rumor comes from gossip writer Daniel Richtman, who posted this on his Patreon page. While Richtman doesn’t say where we would see this Latino Superman or where this rumor comes from, it seems relatively far-fetched. It seems as though the thought process here is that since Calle is a Latina Supergirl, then Superman must also be a Latino, instead of just allowing for a new interpretation of the Supergirl character. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Calle’s take on the character probably isn’t technically a Latina since Supergirl is, you know, technically an alien? 

But Richtman says that DC is “considering” a Latino Superman, which leaves a lot of leeway. I’m sure they’re considering quite a few options in the DC Universe, and this is probably just one of many theoretical ideas being thrown around. Again, considering that The Flash is rumored to introduce the multiverse into the DC Universe, it seems more likely that we might see an alternate version of Superman that just happens to be played by a Latino actor.


Because as of right now, it seems as though Henry Cavill is here to stay as Superman. Last year, Cavill signed a new deal with DC to play Superman in three more DC movies. It’s unclear at this point what films Cavill will appear in, but Cavill reportedly pitched an idea for the future of his Superman that was “widely praised.” This deal also states that in addition to the three films, Cavill could also appear in other cameos. With Supergirl and Batman appearing in The Flash, it’s entirely possible that the next time we see Cavill as Superman could be in The Flash.

While it’s clear that Superman will be returning for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, coming on March 18, 2021, it’s unsure when we will see Superman next. With how Shazam! ended, we could theoretically see Superman in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, set for release on June 2, 2023. There hasn’t been a solo Superman movie since 2013’s Man of Steel, so maybe Cavill will get another headlining film, or maybe he will appear in a Supergirl movie, which has reportedly been in the works for years, and maybe be back on now that Sasha Calle is DC’s new Supergirl.

But why not have a Latino Superman? What are the odds that Krypton was full of aliens who just happen to look like white people? With Calle onboard for the future of DC, why not put some much-needed diversity into these superhero stories? Henry Cavill seems to be Superman for the foreseeable future, but maybe The Flash could give us a glimpse of a Latino Superman.