Superman Fans Are Voting To Decide Whether He Should Wear Underpants In New Movie

James Gunn started a poll on Twitter to determine if Superman wears his iconic red trunks or not.

By Jessica Scott | Published

henry cavill superman

Trunks or no trunks? This is the question that DC Studios CEO James Gunn is asking via a Twitter poll at the moment. Twitter users can vote on whether or not the new Superman should wear those signature red undies on the outside of his blue suit or not… even if their responses apparently don’t really matter.

“Btw this is for fun,” says James Gunn in the top comment. “We’re not going to decide whether Superman has trunks or no trunks based on an egregiously non-scientific Twitter poll.”

At the time of this writing, “trunks” were winning against “no trunks” at around 60 percent to 40 percent, with most comments saying that Superman just wouldn’t be Superman without that trademark red pair of underpants. Many, like @DCScent, suggest making them a bit more modern and “seamlessly worked into the design like the injustice Superman suit.” 

Others reason that the Superman suit would just look boring without that patch of red to break up the blue, and still others point out that if the problem is that it’s lame that he’s wearing underwear outside his clothes, that’s not a problem at all. In reality, it’s not a separate garment, it is just a patch of a different color sewn into the suit. If it happens to look like underwear or a wrestler’s trunks, then that’s just a coincidence.

A few comic book fans have chimed in on the other side of the debate, however, with @EricFrancisco24 posting an image of the 2017 comic redesign of Superman, whose suit is plain blue in that particular region while keeping the original red and yellow “S” symbol on the chest along with the red cape and boots. “Love and respect the trunks,” he writes, “But the 2017 redesign is my personal all-time favorite.”


Others seem to be more on the fence, saying they could go either way, but actor/comedian Jack Whitehall has an idea for a third option: “C… Just Trunks.” To which James Gunn replied, “Hadn’t thought of that.” So there’s now a possibility that we could be seeing a shirtless Superman with his muscular legs and abs on display? I love democracy.

In case you were thinking that all this voting on Superman’s underthings (or overthings) was silly, just keep in mind that there have been over 430,000 votes cast in the poll so far. Even U.S. congressmen are getting in on the debate, with Robert Garcia writing: “trunks. this answer is so important that [I’m] Twitter voting from the House of Representatives.”

According to the New York Times, the yet-to-be-cast Superman: Legacy is projected to hit theaters in the summer of 2025. It will center on a younger Clark Kent/Superman as he struggles to balance being from Krypton and being raised by humans. “He is kindness in a world that thinks of kindness as old-fashioned,” says Peter Safran, who shares the chief executive title of DC Studios with James Gunn. 

This movie will be unlike past Superman films, however, in that it will feature a story that is continued across “at least” 10 other movies and shows. New versions of Supergirl, Batman, Robin, Green  Lantern, and Swamp Thing will all spring from the universe this movie creates, as well as new-to-the-big-screen characters like Creature Commandos and Booster Gold. The goal is to make Warner Bros. relevant and earn it a stable, solid place in the comic book superhero genre.

So, long story short, a lot is depending on those red Superman trunks!