DC’s Supergirl Movie: Everything We Know About Sasha Calle’s Film

By Doug Norrie | 3 days ago

While much of the comic book movie talk seems to be focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for good reason) there is something of a reset happening within the DC Extended Universe. After some starts and stops along the Justice League timeline, the studio does seem committed to working in a new batch of characters hopefully with a bit better connectivity and intrigue than has happened in the past. With that, there are a bunch of projects around *new* characters in that universe. One of them is going to be Supergirl who we’ll catch in another movie before she makes her way to the big screen in a solo feature. Let’s take a look at what we know is happening with the planned Supergirl movie. 

Who Is Playing Supergirl?

sasha calle supergirl

Unlike some other studios with plans around a movie or character, we do already know who the next Supergirl will be well in advance of when we even know the movie will hit theaters. That’s because the folks at DC are working to introduce new characters in other features ahead of time, laying the groundwork much like has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until this point. Sasha Calle has already been cast to play Supergirl in this movie, though it is a bit unclear what (if any) alter ego she will have in this film. She is the first Latin American to be cast in the role. 

Up until this point, Sasha Calle has really only been known to the daytime soap opera crowd. She played Lola Rosales for 270 episodes on The Young and the Restless. That was a run that extended about four years on the show, marking a somewhat short stint where those things are concerned. She will come over from the daytime landscape, something that isn’t incredibly common these days. But there was clearly something she showed with what they are trying to bring with this character. 

When Will We First See Supergirl On The Big Screen?

supergirl movie

As we said, Sasha Calle will first hit the big screen as Supergirl in The Flash. It’s unclear how big of a role she has here, though we have gotten a couple of sneak peaks at the character in some behind-the-scenes footage from that movie. The first is Sasha Calle in the full suit for the flick. 

Very, very cool. This is a slight departure from what we’ve seen already in DC movies, but not by much. The outfit does harken a bit back to the Cavill version in the bulk of it and some of the color schemes. The design is very similar. It’s not 1:1 but it’s close-ish. 

Which DC Universe Are We In Here?

With DC beginning to open up their own version of the Multiverse in this movie and The Flash speeding his way through different dimensions, we are about to embark on something a little different for DC. Characters are going to begin interacting with other versions in other timelines, something The Flash will introduce. From early word and rumor around this, Supergirl will be part of the same dimension and timeline as Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Keaton is set to appear in this movie and that apparently will be the same version we saw in the early Tim Burton movies. He’s, of course, older now though still operating in some part as the Caped Crusader. 

Sasha Calle is part of this world as Supergirl, meaning she would have almost no overlap with the other Kryptonian we’ve already seen. That was Henry Cavill’s Kat-El/ Superman who we first met in Man of Steel. There are going to be other versions of Superman coming down the pike in the DC Extended Universe. In that respect, it’s tough to tell where Sasha Calle’s version will fit in. But we are pretty certain she isn’t “related” to the Cavill version. 

What Else Can We Expect From This Character?

supergirl sasha calle

One other interesting tidbit that has come up in some rumors around this Supergirl movie is what to expect from the character herself. There have been rumblings that in this universe, Supergirl didn’t have the same upbringing as Kal-El in the comic books. She didn’t crashland on a farm and get raised by a loving family. In fact, some of the early word is that quite the opposite happened. There’s a chance we are going to meet a very angry and bitter character with Sasha Calle. 

Again, this is rumoring, but there is an expectation that Sasha Calle’s Supergirl came to Earth and was actually taken in by the government or some other group who actually ended up experimenting on her. While it didn’t last forever, the idea is that the damage was done and she’s a bit angrier than other versions we’ve seen. It will be interesting to see if this is the way it plays out. If anything, it makes sense especially if they are working to distance this version of the character from the Arrowverse’s version which had Melissa Benoist in the role. 

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Where Else Have We Seen Supergirl?

As mentioned, Melissa Benoist played the Kara Zor-El/ Kara Danvers/ Supergirl character for six seasons in The Arrowverse on The CW (she did one season on CBS). That series performed very well for critics and developed a solid fanbase throughout its run. But it went off the air in November of last year. 

And then there was the 1984 movie Supergirl with Helen Slater in the lead role. This flick was a mess in every sense of the word. It scored 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and on its $35 million budget managed to earn back just $14 million at the box office. There’s a reason you probably don’t remember this thing.

When Will We See The Supergirl Movie?

This is far from set, but the feeling is that with The Flash (hopefully) coming out in June of 2023 that a Supergirl movie wouldn’t be too far behind. Of course, it wouldn’t be before then considering this is the first look for the character. But production could ramp up prior to The Flash which could still keep it on a 2023 timeline. I do think that’s being a bit optimistic considering what little else we know about casting, a director, etc.

One other possibility, part of a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, was that instead of a Supergirl movie, we could get a Legion of Superheroes film with Sasha Calle’s character leading that group. There’s been very little on that front and either way it would still feature Calle in a prominent role movie forward.

But there’s some chance it’s also being kept a bit under wraps right now as well. In all, adding Supergirl to the DC Extended Universe is an exciting prospect, one that could offer a chance for a totally new story for a character that’s been given very little life on the big screen so far.