Supergirl Is Cancelled But Melissa Benoist Will Keep Playing Supergirl In This

By Drew Dietsch | 9 months ago

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Supergirl is ending but that does not mean that Kara Zor-El is going to be gone forever. According to Geekosity, the superpowered Kryptonian has more adventures ahead of her.

The scoop says that Supergirl will not end with the titular character’s death – unlike another DC/CW show, Arrow – but will instead end things with Kara Zor-El being reunited with her love interest Mon-El (Chris Wood) and they will travel into the far future to be together forever. That way, the possibility of future appearances from Supergirl are not off the table.

It sounds like the plan is to have Melissa Benoist make it out of the series in one piece, and that will allow her to show up in guest spots on other DC/CW shows like Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Superman & Lois. It makes sense to keep Supergirl in play instead of writing her off entirely. The character has proven to be very popular with fans and an appearance by Benoist in an episode could always act as a way to boost ratings a bit.

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Supergirl is being canceled due to lackluster ratings over the last few seasons, but it is impressive that the show has been able to make it to six seasons. The series has maintained a good critical standing but it seems like mainstream audiences have fallen off with the show. It could have something to do with the DC/CW shows getting more focused on major crossovers, and Supergirl has been a big factor with these enormous events. It is possible that some viewers felt bogged down by the show’s seeming largeness.

Even if that isn’t the case, it is starting to seem like the DC/CW shows are beginning to reach the end of their tenure. Arrow was the first show that kicked off the entire connected universe between these television shows – it has even been dubbed the Arrowverse – and its ending would seem to indicate that the entire universe might need to think about winding down. Supergirl is the next one to fall and it’s unfortunate that it will be doing so because of falling ratings instead of playing out for as long as it wanted.

Still, six seasons is nothing to sneeze at. And it is uplifting to know that Benoist will potentially be returning in some form or another. Her performance as Supergirl will go down as the definitive version of the character for a particular generation. She brought fun, joy, and strength to the role and was an inspiring heroic figure for a number of young viewers. Knowing that she is likely to show up once again in other projects is something to look forward to.

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Supergirl is dead but long live Supergirl! We don’t know exactly what her regular appearances might be like once the show goes off the air. It would be great to see her be a more regularly recurring character in something like Superman & Lois. No matter what, we will look forward to seeing Benoist in the classic cape for her final appearances as the iconic character.