Super Troopers Team Start Production On New Movie Based On A Literary Classic

By James Brizuela | 16 seconds ago

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Broken Lizard, the famed production company behind such great comedies as Super Troopers, Beerfest, and Club Dread, have announced their next film with Searchlight Pictures. Searchlight has long partnered with Broken Lizard, as they have released the Super Trooper series. This new comedy, entitled Quasi, follows the story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, originally a novel written by Victor Hugo in 1883. Quasimodo is a famous figure in literature and film, with Disney having turned the story into an animated film back in 1996. There is no telling what the minds of the Broken Lizard troupe plan to do with this classic character.

Searchlight partnering with Broken Lizard is not a shock as Super Troopers cult success led to both films going well over their budget price in box office numbers. The first movie cost a mere $3 million to make but grossed over $23 million in the box office. The same with Super Troopers 2, which cost $13.5 million to make, but grossed $31.6 million in box office sales. Even with the sequel releasing three years ago, the hope is that Broken Lizard will see the same success with their new venture into the classic story of Quasimodo.

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Kevin Heffernan is set to direct the new film, with other members, Steve Lemme, Jay Chandrasekhar, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske all set to write the script together, be executive producers, and take on the role of starring actors. The film will also feature Adrianne Palicki. Jay Chandrasekhar is usually at the helm with directing, as he was with Super Troopers one and two, and the rest of the lineup that Broken Lizard has released. Now Heffernan will get his shot sitting in the director’s chair. If their past films are any indication of what this new take on Quasimodo will look like, there are sure to be tons of laughs to be had and ridiculous situations involving one of literature’s most tortured characters.

Kevin Heffernan’s shot at directing Quasi may be due to the success that he and fellow Broken Lizard alumni and fellow Super Troopers star, Steve Lemme, have had with their show Tacoma F.D. Tacoma F.D. first premiered in 2019, and the majority of the episodes are directed by both Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme. Tacoma F.D. has now been renewed for its fourth season on truTV. This will be Heffernan’s first time directing for Broken Lizard.

According to Deadline, the story for Quasi, will follow a hapless hunchback. The main character yearns for love, however, a two opposing forces get in the way. The Pope and the King of France both instruct the hunchback to kill the other, leaving him with a serious decision to make. Production has started on the new movie from the Super Troopers team in Los Angeles.

The film is set to debut exclusively on Hulu original in the United States, Star+ in Latin America, and Disney + in all other areas. Even with Disney owning Hulu, to have such a film be released on their platform is sure to cause some controversy, as Super Troopers isn’t exactly a family-friendly film.