Super Giant Robot Brothers Series Offers Up An Awesome First Look

By Nathan Kamal | 4 months ago

super giant robot brothers

We are getting a first look at Netflix’s upcoming Super Giant Robot Brothers series! The upcoming animated show is already getting a lot of buzz, not least of which for its use of the Unreal Engine. While the engine has seen prominent use in many high-profile video games since its introduction in 1998’s titular Unreal, it has recently begun to be utilized in different mediums. This detailed behind-the-scenes look at Super Giant Robot Brothers from Reel FX goes in at great technical length how it is a game-changer for new advancements in animation. Check it out here: 

The Super Giant Robot Brothers series is set to be directed by Mark Andrews. Although he is not necessarily a household name, you are undoubtedly familiar with his work. While his only previous directorial credit is Pixar’s 2012 film Brave, which dared ask the question “what if your mom was a Scottish bear?” he has been deeply involved with some of the best animated works out there for decades. His animation art has been featured in iconic films like The Iron Giant and Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man. Andrews has also worked behind the scenes in any number of great animated films like Ratatouille, Coco, The Incredibles, and all three Cars movies. We won’t blame him specifically for Cars 3

This new Netflix series should be a big leveling up for Mark Andrews. As he describes it, ​​Super Giant Robot Brothers is as much a family comedy as it is an action cartoon, so they are really covering both the “robot” and “brothers” parts. The actual plot has only been thinly released so far, but the broad strokes are that the world is being attacked and a boy genius named Alex Rose has invented the titular super giant robot brothers (named Shiny and Thunder) as planetary defenders. Each episode will feature them saving the world from the likes of kaiju and other monsters. It is honestly a pretty foolproof premise. 

super giant robot brothers

Of course, Netflix has no shortage of original entertainment coming out. We recently confirmed a second season of the global smash hit Squid Game is in the works, and Greg Daniels and Steve Carrell’s Space Force workplace comedy series is gearing up for a new season at the end of February. Netflix is nothing if not good at covering all their genre bases, and Super Giant Robot Brothers will doubtlessly scratch the itch of many viewers of anime-influenced action shows out there. They may particularly need a boost in that particular demographic after the very public failure of their live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation. 

Perhaps it’s a good thing then, that the streaming platform is moving in the opposite direction with Super Giant Robot Brothers and going with an original animated concept. Their extensive use of the Unreal Engine is already sparking interest after it has been used to great effect in shows like The Mandalorian. With the talent they have and a kick-ass premise and that engine, hopefully, it goes better than things did with Cowboy Bebop.