Succession Just Had The Most Shocking Death In Television History

Brian Cox's Logan Roy unexpectedly died in the Succession episode "Connor's Wedding."

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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Brian Cox as Logan Roy

James Mangold‘s Logan now features the second most shocking death of a character named Logan onscreen. The title of the most shocking Logan loss now goes to Succession. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the HBO favorite just killed off its main character, Logan Roy.

The most recent episode of Succession, “Connor’s Wedding,” said goodbye to Roy family patriarch Logan after 39 episodes and four seasons with the gruff billionaire. Actor Brian Cox expressed his initial surprise and disappointment over his character’s death, saying of fans, “I feel they’re gonna find it tough. They’ve lived with Logan for so long. They’re going to miss him.” Cox did, however, give a nugget of hope to Logan fans when he also let slip that the character does “pop back” in a couple of scenes later on in the season through what Cox calls “flashback stuff.”

Though the name of the show being Succession would seem to point to Logan Roy giving up control of his company at some point, many fans were shocked by the manner of Logan’s death. Roy’s demise came out of nowhere, echoing other famous HBO twists like the infamous “Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones. But while the “Red Wedding” led to the sudden slaughter of several GOT characters, “Conner’s Wedding” thankfully only featured one.

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That one death, however, was more than enough to shake up the future of the series for the rest of its run. With only seven episodes of Succession left, HBO just blew a Logan-sized hole in the family dynamic that the character’s various children will now have to scramble to fill. If the hole is even fillable, to begin with.

Logan left behind four children, Connor, Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan, any of whom could potentially take over as the head of Waystar RoyCo in the remaining Succession episodes. Something, Cox claims, Logan wanted very badly. “He just wants one of these children to be good and step up to the plate,” he said.

Cox went on to call the act of taking over for Logan a “very simple thing,” despite three previous seasons repeatedly showing viewers it’s anything but. “All fathers are mythical,” Cox said, seemingly acknowledging the larger-than-life status Logan occupied in the hearts and minds of all who knew him. Cox also said of the Succession patriarch that it would be tough for anybody to live up to Logan, let alone the flawed Roy children.

One Succession mystery Brian Cox did clear up is whether Logan ever had any genuine feelings for his children. The X-Men actor believes that Logan did love his kids, even if it wasn’t apparent through his actions. Cox explained that Logan isn’t a man to express his emotions or even understand them all the time, calling his love for his children “private.”

As far as Cox is concerned, Logan would have actually been better off if he didn’t love his children or if he at least didn’t hold that love locked away inside all the time. “He might actually be a lot healthier if he did wear his heart on his sleeve a bit. But he doesn’t,” Cox said of Logan’s stoicism when it comes to affection.

With Logan gone, the last few episodes of Succession should make for pretty interesting viewing. Will any more characters die before the finale? Who will take over now that Logan is gone?

Hopefully, the seven remaining episodes will be enough to answer all of fans’ burning Succession questions.