Stranger Things Star Wants The Series To End 

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard thinks the show should not last more than five seasons.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Finn Wolfhard

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler in the Netflix Original series, thinks it would be absurd if the 1980s-set science fiction thriller continued longer than five seasons, according to the Hollywood trade, Variety. The actor admitted that while he doesn’t want to stop filming the show, he thinks that by the end of season five, the series will be wrapped up enough that going further would be overkill. 

Mike Wheeler is one of the main characters in Stranger Things and has been portrayed by Finn Wolfhard since season 1. Variety reports that Wolfhard expressed his excitement about coming back to film the fifth season of the show after watching the end of season 4. The actor explained his bittersweet feelings over wanting to complete the show, not because he wants it to be over but because he wants to see how it ends.

The fifth season of Stranger Things is not set to go into production until May 2023, so Finn Wolfhard still has a few more months to wait before he’ll get to read the scripts for the show’s final season. However, fans of the show will need to wait even longer as no release date has yet been scheduled for the thriller’s conclusion, but it is estimated to premiere sometime in the summer of 2024.

stranger things

Stranger Things season 4, starring Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder, and Millie Bobby Brown, was released in two parts last summer, with the first half of the season premiering in May and the second half releasing in July. At the time of its release, Stranger Things became the most-streamed English Language season of television on Netflix of all time, a record that only the Tim Burton Addams Family television adaptation, Wednesday, came close to beating last November. 

In addition to smashing Netflix records, Stranger Things season 4 was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards and won five, thanks largely to the talent of Finn Wolfhard and his filmmaking comrades both in front of and behind the camera. Previous Stranger Things seasons have also been nominated for Emmys, with the show having been nominated a total of 51 times and claiming 12 total wins. 

The complete arc of Stranger Things was planned out by Matt and Ross Duffer (aka the Duffer Brothers), and Finn Wolfhard is confident that the series creators have written a satisfactory ending to the highly popular show in the thriller’s fifth and final season. Wolfhard doesn’t know exactly what is in store for the last season, but he hopes it is just as big as season 4, although perhaps a little more “contained.” The actor is wishing that once he reads the scripts, he’ll find a gratifying ending for all the characters.

Stranger Things season 4 wrapped production over a year ago in the fall of 2021, leaving Finn Wolfhard plenty of time for other projects while waiting for season 5 to begin filming. During the break, Wolfhard filmed When You Finish Saving the World, a comedy-drama written and directed by Jesse Eisenberg, which debuted at Sundance last January and is currently playing in theaters.