A Stranger Things Villain Is Getting A Spin-off Series

A new comic series called Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner will focus on Dr. Martin Brenner.

By James Brizuela | Published

Stranger Things Season 4 may have wrapped up, but a popular villain from the show is now getting their own spinoff series. Per Screenrant, Dr. Martin Brenner (aka Papa) is now going to be the subject of a comic series from Dark Horse. This new series is going to detail Brenner’s early life, presumably leading up to when he imprisoned all the special kids at the facility where Eleven escaped, which is aptly titled Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner.

The new Stranger Things series starts in the year 1968 when Dr. Martin Brenner is a disgraced scientist that returns to the abandoned lab where he and his colleagues collected research for top-secret government projects. The abandoned research isn’t the only thing haunting him, as a ghostly face from his past seems to be watching his every move. We are not sure what this ghostly face could be, but it could be one of the first subjects he worked on that showed similar powers like Vecna and Eleven.

Dr. Brenner was an important figure in Stranger Things Season 1 and 4, however, not else is known about him other than he created a facility to house kids with telekinetic powers. We would assume that this comic series is going to shed far more light on where Brenner came from, and reveal if he knows more about the upside-down than was revealed in the series. Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner is also a tie-in series, so it might be important in revealing some things that could pop up in Stranger Things Season 5.

Stranger Things Season 5 is meant to end the entire mainline story, but with how massive the show has become, we would expect there are going to be many more tie-ins and spinoffs happening. The Duffer Brothers created something quite special, and based on the popularity of the franchise, it could live on past the mainline story. Dr. Brenner is just one of many popular characters that fans are sure to want deeper backstories on.

We would imagine that Eddie Munson is someone from Stranger Things that people would jump at the chance to see more of, though his arrival and subsequent leadership qualities have been summed up quite well already. Another character we wouldn’t mind seeing more of is Dmitri, as we would want to know how he knew how to sneak out Hopper. Even Crazy Yuri is someone that Stranger Things fans would certainly want to know more about.

The Duffer Brothers have certainly created a world that is full of possibilities when it comes to backstories and deeper dives, especially someone of the lesser known but great Stranger Things characters from Season 4. The Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner mini-series will be four issues long and will hit shelves on January 11, 2023. We are not entirely sure if there are going to be heavy implications in the comic series that affect Strange Things Season 5, but we would imagine the Duffer Brothers are certainly going to let everyone know if that is true.