Stranger Things Star Is Tired Of Fans Asking About One Thing

Stranger Things is coming to an end and one of its stars can't wait to stop being asked about one particular thing.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Stranger Things

Joe Keery became one of the unexpected breakout stars of Stranger Things in season one, which is pretty good for a guy who was supposed to die horribly because he was a jerk. Since then, thanks to some acclaimed character development arcs and Joe Keery’s warm, funny screen presence. However, it seems that the Stranger Things star is absolutely sick of being asked about one thing: his hair. His glorious, glorious hair! Joe Keery recently revealed that he did not understand why audiences had become obsessed with Steve Harrington’s hair and actually thinks that it is pretty dumb. 

According to an interview with The Daily Beast, Joe Keery had come to accept that the internet had fixated on his Stranger Things character’s hair and could live with it. It probably helps that said fixation also helped boost his career and visibility, so there are worse things than having great, lustrous hair. Here is what the Stranger Things star specifically said: 

It’s really ridiculous. It’s not something I have control over… It’s just internet fodder that’s carried over and is now attached to me. I can’t really knock it. I have a career, so I have to be like, ‘Who cares? I’ll take it.’ But it’s also not something I care about at all. Still, people seem to really care about it and fixate on it, for whatever reason. It’s so stupid, honestly.

Stranger Things has one more season to go and Steve Harrington has managed to survive everything the Upside Down has thrown at him so far, so we will likely see quite a bit more of that hair. The most recent season of the show broke streaming records left and right, including crashing Netflix entirely at one point. It was also notable for the length of the episodes, with Stranger Things season four’s ninth episode clocking in at a staggering two and a half hours. It is unknown whether the next season will have similarly lengthy episodes. The Duffer Brothers have already revealed they are in development of a spin-off series that apparently has no direct connection to the original Stranger Things (which raises the question of how it is a spin-off at all), so it seems we only have so many episodes left with Joe Keery’s full, wavy hair. 

Joe Keery revealed in a GQ piece some time ago that he had turned down a spokesperson job with a haircare company, which is telling as to how much society really cares about those locks and how little he does. The Stranger Things star already has another gig lined up, with a recent announcement that he will be starring in the upcoming next season of FX’s Fargo. While there are few details available so far as to what his role in the acclaimed anthology series might be, we know that his character will be named Gator Tillman, so you know it will be good. 

Stranger Things was an unexpected hit for both Netflix and its stars, with at least one actor being convinced it would not even make it to a second season. Instead, it became one of the flagship series of the streaming platform, only bested in viewing numbers by the even more massive Squid Games. While the stars of Stranger Things will be moving on soon and taking new roles, we will always have our memories of Steve Harrington’s hair (even if Joe Keery doesn’t much care for it).