Stranger Things Season 4 Most Emotional Moment Was Improvised

It has been revealed that one of the most heart-wrenching moments from the end of Stranger Things Season 4 was completely improvised.

By James Brizuela | Published

stranger things season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 has officially ended, with the final two episodes of the series having been released on July 1st. The final four hours of this adventure were met with a ton of harrowing moments for fans of the show, especially those who enjoyed the newer characters this season. For anyone who has not seen all the episodes of the fourth season, look away immediately, as the rest of this article will contain heavy spoilers. One of the most heart-wrenching moments came with an injured Dustin attempting to make his way back to Eddie, who had been swarmed by Vecna’s bats. Unfortunately, Eddie gave his life to protect Dustin and give everyone else more time to enact their plan to stop Vecna. Dustin and Eddie shared a tender moment, where they both said, “I love you.” This moment has been revealed to have been completely improvised.

Quite honestly, having to see Eddie fight off that many upside-down bats was enough to know that he was not going to make it out alive. There were so many that it was only a matter of time before he was overcome. That is exactly what happened, with Dustin doing his best to make it back. The Duffer Brothers could have just let Eddie appreciate his moment of heroism, and that would have been enough to let audiences feel the heartbreak of the scene. However, the feelings of loss were that much more amplified when Eddie told Dustin that he loved him and thanked him for being his friend. Sometimes the improvised moments hit harder than expected, and that was certainly the case in Stranger Things Season 4.

One of the best aspects of Stranger Things Season 4 was seeing the relationship that had blossomed between Eddie and Dustin. Although many had preconceived notions about Eddie, Dustin was always there to defend him and tell people how much of a good guy was. Even with the writing aspect of Eddie and Dustin delivering the genius and foreshadowing line of, “we are not heroes.” Clearly, that is not the case as both fought to the very end to protect Hawkins and their friends. Even more, Eddie gave his life to protect his best friend.

Everyone had hoped that Eddie was going to make it past this season, and that is something we all felt. However, he did have a glorious moment of redemption, despite what the town of Hawkins thinks about the man. Dustin knows what happened, and that made the words exchanged between the two near the end of Stranger Things Season 4 that much more emotional.

The Duffer Brothers have hinted that they are going to be writing the next season quite soon, and that is huge news considering it took so long for Stranger Things Season 4 to be released. To be fair, everyone had to deal with the pandemic restrictions that halted many productions, but it was still a long time to wait. The series is now the #2 all-time watched show on Netflix, and we are hoping to see even more emotional moments in the fifth and final season. We love Stranger Things like Eddie loves Dustin.