Stranger Things Fans Extremely Unhappy With Season 4’s Episodes For One Reason

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

stranger things season 4

Sometimes less is more. That is an old saying that lends itself to the fact that sometimes movies or shows can be drawn out a bit too much than they should be. That saying doesnt apply only to shows and movies, but in this case, it does. Fans are beginning to find out details about the highly anticipated Stranger Things Season 4 drop, and one certain element is making people quite unhappy. It turns out that this new season is the start for the end of the show and as such, there need to be some big moments and a lot of summation in each episode. Turns out that each episode of the new season is going to be longer than expected. In fact, the season finale is said to be a whopping two and a half hours long. We are not sure if any of you have but a few hours a day to binge-watch shows, but that is a staggering amount of time for one episode.

It has been revealed that each episode of the new season will be somewhere around 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The Duffer Brothers, who created the series, have already stated they are comparing Stranger Things Season 4 to Game of Thrones in terms of episode length. They have also stated that episodes 7 and 9 of the new season are going to be “full-length feature movies.” That is not a literal take, as this is clearly a television show, but most of the episodes are about as long as the standard comedy usually is. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean that details and events will be bogged down by the sheer timeframe of each episode. However, there is a lot to cover in terms of where all the characters are and where they are going.

Stranger Things Season 4 has been broken up into two volumes. The first volume will drop this Friday, May 27th. The next is meant to drop on July 1st. This will surely give everyone enough time to catch up, but still, having such long episodes can be a daunting task to get through. Even those who have more time to binge-watch their favorite shows might take umbrage with the fact that they must sit through episodes that so long. The new season is said to be over five hours longer than the seasons came before. If we are being honest, we see no issues with adding much more Stranger Things content. The hope is now that the series isn’t bogged down by the timeframe of these episodes. This new and eerie villain might cause more trouble than can be handled by Eleven. Also, she apparently doesn’t have her powers any longer, so she might not be able to save her friends in the same she has before.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume I will officially debut on Netflix this Friday, May 27th. This volume will contain seven episodes. As previously mentioned, that seventh episode is meant to be a long movie on its own. The final eighth and ninth episodes will air on July 1st, which will make up the second volume. That final episode is reported to be two and a half hours long. Still, we can’t wait to see this new season, despite people being upset about the long runtimes.