Stranger Things Actors Think Another Series Delay Is Actually Good For The Show

Caleb McLaughlin hopes the delay of Stranger Things Season 5, thanks to the writers strike, will give the Duffer Brothers more time to perfect the story.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated

stranger things season 4

Season 5 of Stranger Things has been indefinitely delayed as a result of the WGA writers strike. Eager fans of the series have been frustrated by the show’s slow timetable, but according to actor Caleb McLaughlin, the delay may be a positive thing. In an interview with BET, the actor behind Lucas Sinclair said the extra time may give the writers more time to get the final season of the show just right.

“Regarding the fans having to wait a bit for the final season, I will say things happen for a reason…Maybe this will give us time to brainstorm different ideas for the new season or maybe introduce a new character – at this time, I’m just waiting on the word for us to hop back into filming.”

Caleb McLaughlin

The Stranger Things finale season had already been pushed to 2024 before the writers strike, which could keep the team out of the writers room and off the set for months to come. The show’s fourth season was also delayed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The long gaps between seasons of Stranger Things have given plenty of time for the show’s cast to grow up right before the world’s eyes. Caleb McLaughlin is 21, a far cry from the 12 year old he played in season 1.

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Caleb McLaughlin in Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things has been one of the biggest cultural phenomena in recent years, setting streaming records for Netflix. The show’s fourth season, which was released in two parts in the spring of 2022, was arguably the best of the series. As the scope and stakes of the show increase, so does the anticipation for more.

Season 5 promises a showdown with the show’s main villain, the ruthless and deformed Vecna. There are many story threads to tie off in the farewell season, and the Duffer Brothers have teased that audiences can expect the death of a major character. We can only hope that McLaughlin is right and the delay will improve the forthcoming episodes.

The cast of Stranger Things has springboarded into a wide array of movies and TV shows. McLaughlin starred in the recently released Shooting Stars, a film following the high school years of LeBron James and his closest friends. In it, McLaughlin plays James’s basketball teammate, Lil Dru Joyce III.

McLaughlin is also set to appear later this year alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, and Lakeith Stanfield in The Book of Clarence. This historical adventure follows a struggling man from Jerusalem who tries to influence the Messiah for personal gain.

Stranger things season 4

McLaughlin will also channel his time in Stranger Things for the horror film The Deliverance. Set in an Indiana town, the film follows a family that comes to believe their house is a portal to hell. Slated to release this year, The Deliverance is directed by Lee Daniels and stars Glenn Close, Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, and Omar Epps alongside Caleb McLaughlin.

Stranger Things represents one of the greatest success stories in the streaming era, launching the careers of actors, writers, and directors into the stratosphere. The show has amassed a large and loyal fanbase that, despite the frustration of delays, continues to give the show undying support. 

No one knows when Stranger Things will return or what kind of impact the delays will have on the final season. What is certain is that, when it does finally arrive, fans will be more than ready to see the Hawkins gang together one last time.