Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Now Free For Anyone To Stream

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is free to stream on YouTube before the second season arrives next month.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

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Navigating the endless minutiae of the dozens of streaming services on the market can feel like a strange new world all its own, but Paramount+ is blessing Star Trek fans with a little treat this week. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has been uploaded in its entirety to YouTube on the official Paramount Plus YouTube channel in order to build anticipation for the upcoming second season. This free streaming stunt seems to be temporary, as the streamer has announced the episodes will be available to watch on YouTube until June 30, allowing for more than a month of time to catch up on the adventures of the USS Enterprise.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is one of the latest forays into the expansive Star Trek universe, following the space-bound misadventures of Captain Christopher Pike, Christine Chapel, and Spock. The series acts as a prequel to 1966’s Star Trek: The Original Series, taking place in the decade leading up to The Original Series’ events. The series features a number of inventive spins on some classic characters, as well as some new fan favorites, and serves as flagship programming for Paramount’s latest line-up of Star Trek content alongside series’ such as Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and the upcoming Starfleet Academy series, which is set to begin production in 2024.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing at this time whether or not the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike will impact the projected production timeline of Starfleet Academy. Since the second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds had completed writing and most of its active production schedule before the strike began on May 1, the second season will air unimpeded, though any productions currently attempting to shoot may be in trouble.

Some landmark television series, including late-night institutions such as The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live, have halted production indefinitely in response to the strike, with no word on a planned return.

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Boasting a highly impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 99 percent certified fresh, as well as an 8.2 out of 10 by IMDb ratings, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is one of the most consistently beloved series in the new lineup of Star Trek content. The series has seen the team behind the USS Enterprise face off against space pirates, deadly comets, and future versions of themselves in its first season, with the stakes sure to be raised even more in the upcoming season 2.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds stars Anson Mount, Melissa Navia, Ethan Peck, Christina Chong, and a host of terrific up-and-coming talent, according to the cast list on IMDb. The second season is set to begin airing weekly starting June 15, with a ten-episode order set to conclude its run on August 17. If you’re looking to get your fill of Star Trek content before the end of the month, be sure to stop by the official Paramount Plus YouTube channel to catch all 10 hours of Season 1 free of charge.

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