Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 Takes Bigger Risk Than Musical Episode

By Jason Collins | Published

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Star Trek: Discovery has concluded its turbulent run after five seasons, and while it wasn’t as readily and widely accepted by the fans, the series’ spin-off Strange New Worlds is currently the audience’s darling. Fortunately, the production on Strange New Worlds Season 3 has wrapped up just recently, and we’re all excited about the upcoming adventures, with the series taking an even bolder approach to its storytelling.

Series lead Anson Mount, who portrays Captain Christopher Pike, recently stated that Strange New Worlds Season 3 will take even greater risks experimenting with different styles, believing that the upcoming season might be the best one yet.

Strange New Worlds Takes Big Swings Every Season

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That’s good news because Trek has always been thought-providing and satirical in its storytelling, which is dressed up as a story about exploring the unknown—space, the final frontier. Strange New Worlds prides itself on taking big swings within the franchise by experimenting with different styles and genres, fitting them inside its episodic narratives.

Pushing The Franchise In Wild New Directions

Taking on an experimental approach to storytelling has always been the case with Star Trek—again, referring to Uhura and Kirk’s kiss in the original series—but Strange New Worlds took it up a notch. As a result, we received timeless gems such as the crossover episode with the animated series Lower Decks (also ending soon) and the legendary musical episode, which looked like something out of Disney’s cookbook. So, it would seem that we have even greater things coming our way in Strange New Worlds Season 3.

Hard to Imagine Topping The Musical Episode

Admittedly, it’s really hard to imagine how Strange New Worlds Season 3 would top the musical and animated episodes from Season 2, and with Season 3 being shrouded in secrecy and all information carefully guarded, we really don’t know what new genres and storytelling elements to expect. From what we know so far, Jonathan Frakes is directing one of the Season 3 episodes, touted as a Hollywood murder mystery. Sure, Frakes is talented, but could his talents be enough for the new episode to outperform the musical?

We also know that Strange New Worlds Season 3 is also introducing a new Science Lab aboard the Enterprise, and Martin Quinn is returning as Lt. Montgomery Scott, also known as Scotty. And that’s where all the important details pertaining to Season 3 ends.

Started Life As A Discovery Spin-Off

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Strange New Worlds began its existence as a spin-off to Discovery after Captain Christopher Pike first appeared in the Discovery Season 2 premiere as a temporary commander of the USS Discovery. Pike’s introduction was very well received by the fandom, whose vocality about Strange New Worlds brought the series into existence.

Strange New Worlds Season 3 Arrives Next Year

The upcoming Strange New Worlds Season 3 is expected to premiere in 2025, though the exact release window still remains unknown. The production has been delayed due to last year’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes but has resumed following the strike resolution. Its production and release are followed by a fourth season, which was already greenlit by Paramount+ in April 2024.  

Source: Gold Derby