See Zach Braff Replace Steve Martin In Cheaper By The Dozen Series Trailer

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

steve martin cheaper by the dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen has been a story told over many years and focuses on heartwarming lessons about what it means to be a family. In 2003, a Cheaper by the Dozen reboot was released, starring the iconic Steve Martin as the main lead in the film. The film did quite well in the box office, and quickly became a family favorite to sit down and watch. And now, almost 20 years later, another reboot of the story is set to be released on Disney Plus. However, we won’t be seeing the familiar Steve Martin on the screen, but instead, Zach Braff will be playing the role of Mr. Baker. The trailer introducing the family of 12 and their numerous adventures while adapting to such a large household was released today.

Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union will be playing the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Baker (taking over for Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt), who got married and merged each of their households into one. The Bakers in total have 10 children to take care of, which, understandably so, will not be an easy task. The film takes place in the present day, and a clip in the trailer shows some of the Baker children practicing a famous TikTok dance. The trailer starts off with classic peaceful music that is suddenly interrupted by the sound of an alarm clock buzzing and Braff waking up and yelling, “Code Red!” We then see the hustle and bustle of everyone getting ready to start the day. Check it out:

This new reboot will be quite similar in terms of plot to the 2003 version, which we might have seen at least once in our lifetime. Steve Martin starred as Mr. Baker in the 2003 version and was a great fit for the role due to his talented and comedic acting. Zach Braff looks like he’s more than able to pick up where Martin left off.

Steve Martin has starred in countless films with a comedic base, such as The Father of the Bride and The Pink Panther. Like Steve Martin, Zach Braff is also known for his comedic roles. Braff starred in a hit series Scrubs, which was a comedy-drama centered around a group of medical students training and working at a hospital. Braff played the character of J.D., one of the medical students, and was even nominated for a Golden Globe and also a Primetime Emmy Award for his performance in the series. The show aired for a total of 9 seasons. But Braff has now taken on the new role of Mr. Baker in the Cheaper by the Dozen reboot.

For fans of the 2003 version, some familiar names have returned to the 2022 film. According to Entertainment Weekly, Shawn Levy is an executive producer of the movie. Levy was the director of 2003s Cheaper by the Dozen. According to Entertainment Tonight, the screenplay for the new reboot was written by Kenya Barris, a well-known television and film writer. The Steve Martin version wasn’t the first film in the Cheaper by the Dozen franchise. In 1950, a movie titled Cheaper by the Dozen was released and follows the same storyline. According to People, the movies are originally based on an autobiography which was published in 1948 with the same title. 

While Steve Martin’s portrayal of Mr. Baker made the 2003 film so entertaining and led to a sequel in 2005, it will be interesting to see Zach Braff’s take on the character. With Braff’s talent and a notable cast, it will be fun to watch a family-friendly and heartwarming story on our screens. Cheaper by the Dozen will be released for streaming on Disney Plus on March 18th.