Stephen King Slams Stranger Things Season 4 For One Specific Reason

By James Brizuela | 1 week ago

stephen king

Stranger Things Season 4 is now out on Netflix, and the series has been garnering tons of praise from fans and celebrities. However, one of the biggest issues with the new season is that the episodes are too lengthy. These lengthy episodes have also led to the season being oddly broken up into two parts. The first seven episodes are out now and the eighth and ninth episodes will be released as part two of the season on July 1st. This fact led to famed horror author Steven King commenting on that fact. He praised the show, even for the Carrie rift used, but criticized the show for breaking the season into two parts. You can see his tweet below:

Stephen King did call Stranger Things Season 4 “really cool.” However, he also commented on the season being broken up into two parts. He is a lot like most people, in that people don’t like it when a season is broken up into multiple parts. That is certainly the case for Netflix, as shows premiere with their entire seasons attached in one offering. Meaning fans can binge-watch their favorite shows in one sitting if they please. That is not the case for this new season of Stranger Things, and that is felt by everyone, including Mr. King.

Stranger Things prides itself on being the quintessential 1980s reference series. That has certainly been the case with the music, outfits, and countless other pop culture references that have made their way into the show. What better way to keep pumping out the 1980s than to impress Stephen King? The man has been one of the most successful authors for decades, and some of his most popular work was adapted in the 80s. One of those adaptations happens to be Carrie, which he enjoyed seeing on the show.

Netflix seems to be following the trend of breaking seasons into two parts. This formula is something they mirrored with Ozark, which saw its final season broken into two parts. That is not necessarily the worst thing, but having fans wait for months is not something that is going to keep people happy. Even Stephen King was annoyed by that fact with Stranger Things Season 4. The idea might be that the studio must take extra time to finish the season, so they break it up and send out the first batch of episodes as a part one. If we are being honest, we would rather wait that extra time and just see the fill season released in one go. That way binge-watching can truly happen in the correct manner.

Despite Stephen King being annoyed that Stranger Things Season 4 has been broken up into two parts, fans will not have to wait that long for part two to come out. The final two episodes of this season will be airing in less than a month’s time. Also, the ninth episode is said to be two and a half hours long, so that could have taken some time to complete, hence breaking up the season into multiple parts. Regardless, we can’t wait to see part two.