A Stephen King Classic Is Getting A Remake With A Lot More Sex

By James Brizuela | 5 seconds ago

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Months ago it had been confirmed that Bryan Fuller would be helming a remake of the classic Stephen King story, Christine. Not many details had been provided other than that Fuller was going to be the man in charge of attempting this brand-new reboot. He recently sat down for an interview detailing what is going to be changed or followed through with in comparison to the John Carpenter version that was released in 1983. According to Fuller, his new version is going to be “horny as hell.”

Bryan Fuller is no stranger to the horror genre, as he was responsible for Hannibal, which ran from 2013-2015. Fuller now gets his chance to adapt a film in a way that hasn’t quite been tried before. The writer/director promises that the love triangle aspect that is deeply laden within this Stephen King story is going to be a focal point for his version of Christine. He has stated that King currently has the script in hand and he is waiting for notes and approval from the horror author. Fuller believes that he will get the approval as his script is a more accurate portrayal of the novel, more so than the John Carpenter version was.

Fuller plans to bring in some significant changes to his version of Christine, mainly showing the original owner of the car, Roland LeBay. LeBay is the first person to start acting differently because of the car, and that same level of possession then turns its way to the new owner, Arnie. It will help drive home the concept of the possessive nature of the car affecting everyone that it is around. Fuller also makes claims about the innate sexual nature of the novel, and plans for that to be a focal point in his film version. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean sex with a car, but then again, Stephen King might approve of that too.

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Stephen King has had a multitude of his stories adapted into films, but far fewer have been adapted more than once. Fuller now has a shot to change what John Carpenter did with his 1983 version of Christine. Fuller wants eroticism and violence to be more heavily introduced in his film. If you have ever seen Hannibal, you know exactly how well Fuller can achieve that. He also plans to flesh out Leigh as a well-rounded character instead of her being a throwaway character. Leigh, Arnie, Christine, and Dennis love triangles will now be more relevant with Leigh being thrown into the mix a great deal more.

Bryan Fuller and producer Vincenzo Natali are working together in association with Sony Pictures and Blumhouse for their remake of Christine. The new Stephen King adaptation might see the light of day in late 2022, but quite possibly early 2023. Either way, seeing horny teenagers and cars might be what this classic King story needs. Blumhouse is known for its highly successful horror films like Get Out, Parnamoral Activity, and The Purge series, so there could be a lot of promise behind this reboot.