Stephen Amell Blasts John Cena In Response To Green Arrow Insults

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

stephen amell

Stephen Amell was once on the CW and launched an entire universe now known as the Arrowverse, based on his portrayal of famed DC hero, Green Arrow. John Cena was once the most popular wrestler on television during his long stint with the WWE. Since then, both of their roles have swapped. Cena is now one of the most popular anti-heroes on television, as he portrays Peacemaker. Amell is now playing a wrestler on television, in a show called Heels. Peacemaker decided to take a shot at Green Arrow in its season finale, and Amell has now fired back. You can see his response below:

The character of Peacemaker compares Green Arrow to that of a Brony, which is a male fan of all things My Little Pony. Stephen Amell seems to double down in his diss back to the creators of the show, and mainly John Cena himself. He claims to not have seen Peacemaker as he is too busy showing Cena how a professional wrestler is meant to look on TV. Ouch. Not too sure if John Cena is the type to get into Twitter wars with anyone, but the ref is going to have to warn Amell for that low blow. Also not sure if it’s smart for Amell to pick a fight with Cena.

In terms of popularity, both shows are widely regarded as some of the best on TV. Heels which stars Stephen Amell is on the Starz network and currently boasts a 96% critic rating with a 92% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Peacemaker has its home on HBO and HBO Max with a critic rating of 95% and an audience rating of 85%. I would say that’s pretty neck and neck in terms of who is winning the popular vote. Both shows just finished their inaugural seasons and both have been renewed for a second season. Amell might not have seen the show but Peacemaker is being talked about in plenty of circles.

Stephen Amell might be taking things a bit too personally, as John Cena is certainly not the writer for Peacemaker, he only expertly handles the lines and comedic timing. That might be a grey area, but Peacemaker’s character is that he is overtly insulting in every way imaginable. Also, Peacemaker is a DC character and might just be making fun of Green Arrow, and not the CW version. Cena might not take offense to Amell’s remarks either unless, of course, they plan to create a feud that gets Cena to appear in Heels. Now that’s some meta action right there.

Who would win in a grudge match between Stephen Amell and John Cena? Both have played superheroes and wrestlers in their careers. Only, Cena’s character is an anti-hero who clearly doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. Hopefully, the Twitter clap back was just a sarcastic response to a joke that was clearly just meant to be ridiculous in nature, but if the two go actually go at it, I got my money on Cena. I mean, you can’t see him.