Stargate And James Bond Might Be Sold To Amazon

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago


Could Stargate, James Bond, and a number of other high-profile franchises be moving studios? It’s sure looking like that might be the case with an interesting deal possibly in the works that would merge a couple of massive names in the media industry. According to The Verge, Amazon has made an offer to purchase MGM studios for the tidy sum of $9 billion dollars. If the latter were to accept and a deal was to be struck in the future it could mean a very different trajectory for a number of different current franchises. We could be seeing the making of another media giant. 

The offer from Amazon to purchase MGM comes after the latter has been up for sale for quite some time now. It’s been thought that MGM is beginning to flounder a little bit within the industry because unlike some of its competitors in the space, they don’t have a direct-to-consumer streaming service to bring some of their bigger movies and productions. In this day and age, that’s a limiting proposition making an Amazon purchase seem all that more plausible. Again, this deal hasn’t been finalized by any stretch of the imagination, but if it did we could see some franchises like James Bond and Stargate move onto Amazon Prime in short order. 

MGM has a massive catalog of movies, having been around for almost a century now. So a purchase of the company would include a number of brand names and massive hits. But in this day and age of continued programming and repeatable processes around worlds and characters, franchises are king. And MGM has its share of these names as well. In addition to the aforementioned Stargate and James Bond (one of the biggest out there), there are also the Rocky and Creed names plus The Handmaid’s Tale, Robocop, and Barbershop. 

In terms of Stargate, there has been ramped-up discussion of late about bringing this series and franchise back in some form. Apparently, Netflix had been considering getting into the inter-dimensional space travel action with the thought that they would either purchase or maybe lease the property from MGM. This would have come in the form of either a new reboot movie or series (or both). Those talks were only in the preliminary stages, but actors from the Stargate: SG-1 series had apparently been approached about the prospect. 


And of course, purchasing an established franchise like Stargate as part of a major deal has to be part of the thinking about this potential deal between MGM and Amazon. We are in a content arms race right now among all the big players with things kicked up into warp speed this week when it was announced that AT&T was spinning off WarnerMedia in a merger with Discovery. This instantly made it one of the biggest media conglomerates out there and undoubtedly ramped up the pressure for other companies to do the same. Amazon surely sees this as a way to instantly expand the Amazon Prime offering list almost exponentially. 

We will have to wait to hear about the fate of Stargate. There’s almost assuredly more news coming for this franchise soon. With all of the talk lately about it coming on to different platforms, plus with this new potential deal we might be finding out soon the fate of this group and whether they’ll be stepping back into the portal sooner than later.