Stargate SG-1 Is Finally Easy To Watch On Streaming

By Faith McKay | 7 months ago

stargate sg-1

When was the last time you binged Stargate SG-1? If you’re ready to start again, Netflix has just picked up all ten seasons for you. 

If you’ve never watched the show before, get ready. It’s time to start. This is a classic sci-fi franchise with enough to keep you busy for a good long time. Stargate SG-1 aired from 1997 to 2007 and is considered the flagship series in the franchise. There are also movies and two companion series set in the world. Stargate Atlantis has five seasons to binge, and Stargate Universe offers two more. While Netflix has yet to bring in the other series, there’s hope that they’ll consider doing so now that they have SG-1

The next question for many fans who get excited about a sci-fi world this big is what order to watch them in. Stargate SG-1 can be enjoyed simply by opening up Netflix and watching all ten seasons straight through. If you want to catch everyone that happens in the universe, you’ll want to watch in chronological order. That will mean starting with the Stargate movie from 1994, where you can see Kurt Russell and James Spader start the world off. If you’re not looking for such a time commitment, you can also simply watch the key episodes for the plot. A lot of Stargate SG-1 is episodic and can be missed without losing the story.  

Richard Dean Anderson
Scene from Stargate SG-1

While Netflix US has picked up the streaming license for Stargate SG-1, they’re not the only ones. You can still catch the series on Amazon Prime or Hulu if you have accounts there. Netflix has been picking up a few licensed series with shared licenses this year, like Hannibal and Community

If you’re not in the US, you may still have Stargate SG-1 in your account. So far, we’ve confirmed that Netflix UK has it. This is the first time they’ve had the series for streaming since early 2016. 

Are you hoping that the flagship series will mean the creation of a fresh Stargate series soon? You’re not alone. Even though it’s been a while, Stargate fans hold on to hope. Interest in the series stays strong, with fans purchasing Stargate gifts every year and the cast visiting comic-cons. 

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At the beginning of 2020, there was talk of a deal with MGM studios. That conversation seemed to die off, but then a lot of things slowed down due to the pandemic. Recently, Brad Wright, a producer for Stargate SG-1 confirmed that conversations with MGM are still happening. He isn’t telling us much about the project. In an interview with The Companion, he said the idea was too early to really discuss. It did sound like they would be creating a fresh series in the world, instead of attempting to remake an old one. The world of Stargate remains big enough for this to happen. Enough of the cast is still acting and could show up in fun cameos for a new series. 

In the meantime, there is plenty of room for a full ten season rewatch of Stargate SG-1 as it hits Netflix.