Stargate Fans Can Now Register To Watch A Very Special Reunion Episode

By Tyler Pisapia | 3 weeks ago


Fans of the Stargate franchise have a big reason to celebrate as they can now register for a special virtual table read of an original script with four returning cast members. However, this particular story is unlike any other episode in the entire franchise’s history in that it was not penned by series co-creator Brad Wright or any other living person. The group will reunite to read an episode of Stargate that was entirely written by Artificial Intelligence. 

On November 6, Stargate actors Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, David Hewlett, and Jewel Staite will reprise their roles of Dr. Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Dr. Rodney McKay, and Jennifer Keller respectively for a table read available to members of The Companion. The site is offering those who sign up for a membership to its exclusive fan content not only the opportunity to stream the premiere but attend the virtual Q&A with the stars afterward. In addition to the celebrities returning to their beloved science fiction roles, Brad Wright and Google Artificial Intelligence’s Laurence Moroney will be part of the event as well. 

Although artificial intelligence is far from perfect, it’s an interesting experiment to take a beloved science-fiction franchise and see just how far it can go with a three-act structure to tell a worthwhile story. Given that there were several spinoffs to the original Stargate SG-1 including Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe and the web series Stargate Origins, Google’s Artificial Intelligence has a lot of data to cull from in order to make a somewhat coherent script. However, based on the trailer for the event, it seems that viewers can expect to see some relatively outlandish phrasing where the line between artificial intelligence and a human brain starts to show itself. 

stargate new

The event will be hosted by The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor and self-proclaimed Stargate fan, Marc Evan Jackson, who Brad Wright promises to put into any new Stargate property that he gets to make in the future. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, fans won’t just be staring at the actors reading from their respective home offices. The Companion event tapped talented illustrator Amrit Birdi to do some original artwork that will go along with the episode. Thus, in a small way, bringing the world of Stargate back to life for the first time since the last series ended several years ago. 

However, the idea of a new Stargate isn’t too far-fetched. Syfy Wire reported in 2020 that Wright has been working on a pitch for a new show and producer Joseph Mallozzi has teased on Reddit and Twitter that talks are progressing to get something off the ground as soon as possible. Other reports indicate that two shows are actually in the works.

Unfortunately, precious little is known about whatever Wright has percolating. However, the outlet reports that, at the very least, all signs indicate that it will exist in the Stargate SG-1 universe that he spent 10 years developing and perfecting. He also promises that people will see “familiar faces” in whatever new property he creates. Given how excited Shanks, Tapping, Hewlett, Staite and, to a lesser extend, Jackson, are to come back to the world of Stargate, it’s possible that the group is just sharpening their chops ahead of the announcement of a new show and a new romp through the Stargate.