Stargate Reboot Series Has A Game-Changing Plot Point For The Franchise

Stargate creator Brad Wright has some interesting plans for the revival. The new idea is something that the show has never done in its 17 seasons.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Stargate creator Brad Wright has some interesting plans for the eventual or hoped-for revival. Amazon is currently working to acquire MGM, and as a result, there is long-standing hope that the show will return in some capacity. Wright is waiting until the acquisition of MGM is completed, but has a pilot script ready to go. The new idea is something that the show has never done in its 17 seasons on the air: reveal to the public that alien technology exists.

The last time that Stargate was seen on TV screens was back in 2011. The ending of that portion of continuity had Earth acquiring all manner of technology from both the Lanteans and Asgard. Some of this technology included space ships, hyperspace engines, matter transporters, and databases of great knowledge. Although all of this had been acquired by Earth, the public had been kept in the dark.

Now Wright believes in order to keep Stargate fresh, the public must be informed about the Stargate program. This new developmental plot point might mean that the show plans to abandon its 17-year continuity. This continuity has spanned through Stargate SG-1. Atlantis, and Universe. Allowing such a huge plot to shift its narrative might bring in a new audience to the show.


Even though this is a new idea for the world of Stargate, the incorporation of public knowledge of extraterrestrial phenomena lands squarely at the same time the world has also found out about this type of news. Wright might be aligning his hope for the show to be wowed in the same way the general public is right now. The Pentagon has confirmed and released footage of unexplained aircraft back in 2020.

This leaked footage has now since been made officially public. This could be the way in which Stargate can become relevant again. Wright is aligning current reality with the reality of the show in which both audiences have now found out about alien technology. Even though the show has not been around for 10 years, there are loyal fans that are sticking to the hope of its revival.

Tying the Stargate program for the show into real-world issues is a smart way to keep everything contemporary. Wright was recently interviewed by Syfy Wire and had this to say about the eventual fourth series: “at a time when climate change is a genuine threat, at a time when there was a pandemic that we sure could have used a fix for, for example. The world needs to find out.”

It’s not entirely clear if Wright is talking about directly comparing our reality to the reality that the new version of Stargate would possess, but either way, aligning both together would be a smart way to go about a revival. Producers had long since kept the idea of telling the public in Stargate about alien technology. This was allegedly the subject of a straight to DVD film titled, Stargate: Revolution. Unfortunately, DVD sales plummeted and MGM went bankrupt, leaving Wright holding the bag for the potential of changing the plot so drastically. Wright is now attempting a revival with MGM which is being purchased by Amazon for $8 billion dollars.