Stargate Reveals What Was Supposed To Happen In Kurt Russell’s Sequels

By Douglas Helm | 3 weeks ago

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Stargate is a cult classic sci-fi movie that turned into an even more successful series of TV shows. The Roland Emmerich created original film is what started it all and gave us the concept of a Stargate. The original had a great cast that included Kurt Russell and James Spader in the lead roles along with an extremely interesting story. It sounds like Emmerich was ready to take that concept even further with the development of sequels, but the movies never came to fruition.

On the Dial the Gate podcast, Dean Devlin gave more details on what those sequels would have entailed. Devlin was a co-writer and producer on the original and it sounds like they have the outline planned out in significant detail. Here’s what he had to say about the trilogy and the concepts: “The original plan of the movie was to do three movies, and so to there was going to be three major addresses…And that’s why we needed the nine [chevrons]…And one was an Egyptian, and our second was going to be a Mayan culture. And then the third was going to tie in almost every mystery that we’ve ever had on Earth! Whether it was Bigfoot, or the Yeti — we were going to tie everything together into a larger mythology. And it was going to be so much fun. It was going to be so wild. But we never got to go there. We never got to explore it.”

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It sounds like we missed out on some cool content and interesting sequel material. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a Stargate, they are a form of alien technology that allows for instantaneous interstellar travel between two places. In the movie, we get to learn about the link between Egyptian gods and the Stargates. It seems this concept was going to be carried across the sequels with Mayan gods and then finally with more mythological creatures. It certainly would have been interesting to see how they tied all of that together.

Fortunately for fans of Stargate, the franchise found new life in the well-regarded TV shows. Most notably Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. With that being said, the existence of these shows means that it’s unlikely that these planned sequel movies would ever come to fruition. There were talks of a sequel all the way up to 2016 when it was then said that those plans were stalled. Emmerich, for his part, has said that he has no plans to reboot the series. Without the co-creator and director on board, it doesn’t seem like likely.

Even without these sequels, the Stargate universe should be just fine. In addition to spawning numerous TV shows, novels, and video games, the franchise has a huge fanbase. There will likely be more Stargate content sooner than later. It was confirmed in 2020 that Brad Wright would be developing a continuation of the TV series with many of the same characters returning. There have been sprinkles of updates on that front throughout the past couple of years, and it doesn’t seem like the project is getting canceled in any way. So, Stargate fans will still have something to look forward to in the near future.