Stargate Gifts: A Guide To Shopping For SG-1 Fans

Now's your chance to correct that by giving the Stargate fan in your life the Stargate gift they deserve.

By Sofia Yang | Updated

Stargate is a franchise near the scale of Star Trek in size and sheer prolificness, though you should never confuse the two when talking to a true fan. Like Star Trek, Stargate has produced multiple movies, multiple long-running TV series, and recently comic books. There’s even been a Stargate cruise.

Yet Stargate fans rarely get the attention they deserve. Not from the media, not from other fandoms, and usually not even from their loved ones who have no idea what that Stargate thing they’re watching is even about. Now’s your chance to correct that by giving the Stargate fan in your life the Stargate gift they deserve.

Stargate fans love the world, the characters, and finding fun new ways to celebrate their favorite sci-fi series. This Stargate gift guide strives to cover the expansive Stargate franchise by suggesting unique items to non-fans that want to give the perfect gift to the Stargate fan in their life. For a fan Stargate gifts are a better way to say “I love you” than gifting a meal replacement shake subscription or a new pair of socks.

A Stargate Gift For Fans Who Want To See Themselves In The Stargate

Stargate gift mirror

This Stargate SG-1 Mirror has the details any fan of SG-1 would come to expect. There’s an agent patina effect on copper paint, so the mirror would fit with most decor. What’s great about this particular gift is that while any Stargate fans will look at it and immediately recognize what it is, this piece can also be subtly placed in a house as regular decor and no one will notice. It’s ideal for a Stargate fan who might not want their fandom to be obvious to people who won’t recognize it.

Stargate Gifts For Fans Who Like To Build

Stargate lego gift

Despite the massive scope of the Stargate universe, the franchise has never been able to land big toy deals with companies like LEGO. So secondary toy makers like Best Lock have stepped in to fill that void. Stargate Atlantis fans will recognize the Daedalus class ship in this Best Lock brand toy set. The ship has 230 pieces to build. Because of so many small pieces, the set is not meant for small children. This ship is out of production and a difficult item to find, making it a more specialized gift for the Atlantis fan.

Stargate gate gift

This block set is also from Best Lock and is meant for the SG-1 fans (this was the first Stargate television series). The set has 200 pieces to it, including a few characters to help set the stage. Stargate fans will have fun putting it together and then be able to keep it around the house as decoration from their favorite show.

A Stargate Gift For Fans With Style

Stargate gift jewelry

This Stargate SG-1 necklace is full of tiny details to get the look just right. It has a pewter tone and is double sided. If your Stargate fan wears jewelry, this may be the right gift for you as it’s a rare enough find that your fan is unlikely to have it already while also depicting the gate from the first television series set in the world, making it one of the most iconic symbols for the franchise.

A Stargate Gift For The Fan Who Likes To Show Off

Stargate gift apparel

In Stargate, characters can travel across the cosmos through gates. In this gift guide, you’ve seen a few images of the gates already. They have symbols around the edge of a circle. Some of these symbols are chevrons, or V shapes. These chevrons need to click together and back again to begin the process for traveling through a gate. For most of the big scenes in Stargate, seven chevrons are locked in before they can travel. The first six chevrons are to give information on where the traveler is going. The seventh chevron signifies their home, or where they are first leaving so the two points can connect for travel.

Fans appreciate the symbol for the seventh chevron and all it means for Stargate and the adventures ahead of the series’ characters. It’s the perfect design to wear on a t-shirt since it’s easily recognized from a distance and yet carries a lot of significance to the fans.

A Stargate Gift For A Car Showoff

Stargate car accessories

This car decal is easily recognized by Stargate fans. The design is again for the seventh chevron, meaning you’re ready to travel and have a great adventure. The white design makes it perfect for sticking on a car window, though it could be applied to almost any surface. It’s an affordable and easy buy for anyone who likes to advertise their fandom on their car.

Stargate Gifts For Collectors Or Stargate Kids

Stargate gift action figure

While there is something special about the Stargate world that keeps fans coming back, it’s the characters that often steal a fan’s heart of any series. The company Diamond Select has created action figures for popular characters across different series. Stargate Atlantis fans will recognize this figure of Teal’c, one of SG-1’s key members. These action figures are meant to look realistic and have outfits that easily identify the beloved characters.

A Stargate Gift For A High-End Collector

Stargate death glider replica

This Stargate SG-1 Limited Edition Goa’uld Death Glider replica is a special find for the sci-fi fan in your life. Fans of SG-1, the original Stargate TV series, will recognize the Death Glider. This is one of the more iconic ships from Stargate and the replica has a wingspan of eight inches, making it a great as a desk decoration.

A Functional Stargate Gift To Decorate Your Fan’s Living Room

Stargate gift coaster

These Stargate SG-1 coasters have a beautiful blue center that makes it feel like you’re about to step through a gate. The coaster holder has the staircase you expect to see on an SG-1 gate and the individual coasters include details that make them recognizable and real. They even have a resin layer for easy cleaning.

A Stargate Gift For Fans Of The Original Movie

Stargate movie gift

Drinking may not be as exciting as traveling through space, but it’s pretty close. These handmade etched pint glasses boldly ask the question everyone should ask in all aspects of life: Got Spader? If you do have Spader then you’re probably watching the 1994 Stargate movie and not the Stargate TV show. There’s a big difference. If your fan loves the original James Spader movie, then this is for them. If your fan prefers the Stargate TV shows, then you’ll probably want to get something else.