George Lucas Secretly Made A Star Wars TV Series In 2005, And You Can Watch It Here

By GFR | Updated

Star Wars Underworld

Before selling Star Wars to Disney, creator George Lucas was working on several different Star Wars TV shows. One of them was focused on the Jedi and the other was called Star Wars: Underworld. Neither project ever made it to TV screens but the second one, Star Wars: Underworld did make it far enough along to film some actual footage.

Now for the first time ever, that footage is available to watch. Here’s the first anyone has ever seen of Star Wars: Underworld

The show was supposed to take place in the deep, seedy underworld of the massive capital city planet Coruscant. The footage reflects that dark, dirty, criminal underbelly pretty well.

Obviously, there’s not much plot here, this was just a test of how they wanted the show to look, and as looks good it seems pretty good. A far cry from Lucas’s overly shiny setting for both of the three prequel movies.

Star Wars: Underworld made it far enough along that they’d produced as many as fifty scripts for the show. Presumably, those scripts are now in Disney’s hands and with the franchise set for big changes in the future, it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone there wasn’t considering resurrecting those ideas, in one form or another.