Secret Star Wars Show Finally Getting Released

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

star wars show detours

With the Star Wars universe in major expansion mode, which is really saying something considering its size and scope already, we are being treated to near-daily news about upcoming projects and cool releases. Monday is no different with long-awaited news around a franchise project which had been sitting in relative purgatory for close to a decade now. But now, a new Star Wars show, Detours is actually going to see the light of day with The Vulcan Reporter reporting that it will release on Disney+ at some point in the near future. 

If Star Wars Detours isn’t something that’s been rattling around your intergalactic brain when it comes to the franchise, no worries. It’s been sitting in development hell for so long that even the biggest Star Wars show fan would be forgiven if they’d forgotten about it entirely. The animated show was originally developed and created back in 2012 prior to LucasFilm merging with Disney. In this way, it got caught in the in-between, not hitting screens ahead of time and then not necessarily fitting in with the vision for the franchise once it entered the Disney umbrella. 

star wars show detours

Supposedly, the show is set to be a comedic feature, something of a send-up of the franchise as a whole. It’s set to take place after the prequel trilogy and won’t necessarily fit in with other stories told in any other Star Wars show in the universe. Again, it wasn’t developed with this current iteration in mind so the scope of the series will stand alone on its own. Apparently, there are actually two full seasons and 39 episodes of the show already in the can mean we are going to be treated to a lengthy run of the program once it actually hits screens. And if Disney/LucasFilm thought it finally okay to exit the shadows, then maybe there is something here with the show. 

The Detours aspect of this new Star Wars show is a reference to the tone it will explore. The show is set to take place away from the main action of the franchise with “regular” folks who are only tangentially affected by the rise of Darth Vader and the Emperor to power within the galaxy. Main characters are involved for sure, but their interplay is supposedly meant to more make fun of the franchise rather than further any particular story.

star wars show detours

And the cast of this new Star Wars show is top-notch with Seth Green, Billy Dee Williams, Seth MacFarlane, Zachary Levi, Joel McHale, and Weird Al Yankovic all lending their pipes along with some other staples of the Star Wars animated universe. 

Brendan Hay from Robot Chicken was originally on as showrunner thought it’s a little unclear what his involvement will be going forward. It appears they are releasing the Star Wars show, Detours simply as the two-season run without any additional plans to expand it in the future. All of that could change based on popularity, but we should probably be happy it’s just getting out there and nothing more. This original report has the show releasing on May 4th of this year though that isn’t officially confirmed.