Lucasfilm Makes Shocking Cut To New Star Wars Series

The Lucasfilm arm of Disney is making a drastic cut to a Star Wars series that could impact a lot going forward in a galaxy far, far away.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

princess leia star wars

Thanks to Disney Plus, there is more Star Wars for fans to sink their teeth into than ever before. A plethora of series set in a galaxy far, far away are planned going forward, one of them being Star Wars: Andor, focusing on Rebel Spy Cassian Andor’s life before the events of Rogue One. Andor is set to make its debut later this year with a twelve-episode first season, but, as per, the show won’t be as long as originally planned. 

In a recent interview on Brazillian Television, Star Wars: Andor Director of Photography Adriano Goldman tipped his interviewer that the original plan for the show was a whopping five-season run. However, according to Goldman, this has now been redacted to potentially just three seasons. As Star Wars fans already know the fate that awaits Diego Luna’s Andor in Rogue One, perhaps it is for the better the prequel series has gone on a diet. It’s important to note that the first season’s twelve-episode length outweighs both seasons of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett in terms of duration, not to mention the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series set to land on Disney Plus toward the end of May.

The true season count for Star Wars: Andor remains a mystery but it does remain almost certain that Diego Luna and his castmates will be returning for a second season. That scoop came courtesy of Luna’s Andor castmate Stellan Skarsgård who states he will be shooting on season two in the autumn. Also joining Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgård in season one of Star Wars: Andor are the likes of Anton Valensi, Adria Arjona, Alex Lawther, Killing Eve’s Fiona Shaw, and the returning Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma. Stephen Schiff (with The Americans in his back catalog) serves as the showrunner on the project with Tom Gillroy along for the ride as a co-writer and director. So far, a teaser has been released of Star Wars: Andor, offering a brief glimpse of what is to come, but according to reports, an official trailer could be on the way as part of this year’s Star Wars Celebration which takes place from May 26th through May 29th. Fortunately, there is still plenty of Rebel, Jedi, and bounty hunter content coming out soon, thanks to Disney Plus.

A long time ago, stories from a galaxy far, far away were rarified things, now though, Star Wars content is coming along steadily courtesy of Disney Plus and Andor is just a small part of it. Between the hotly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi and Star Wars: Andor, fans are set to see the third season of The Mandalorian. As well as this, Rosario Dawson is set to return in her very own series Ashoka, and The Acolyte is set to give fans a glimpse of the age-old era of the High Republic. So, although Star Wars: Andor has been slashed from five to an alleged three seasons by LucasFilm, fans of one of cinema’s (and now streaming’s) biggest franchises will have plenty to keep them entertained instead.