Star Wars Getting Two Movie Releases Every Year?

By Doug Norrie | 52 seconds ago

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On the one hand, it can seem like the Star Wars franchise has grown to an almost unimaginable size with plenty of movies already in the books and a ton more on the way. And then at the same time, it can seem like they have only really scratched the surface. It looks like LucasFilms is feeling the latter with a new rumor out there that the movie production on these stories is set to ramp up even more over the next half-decade or so. We Got This Covered has it that the studio’s plan is to put out two theatrical releases every year in short order. That would represent a major uptick in how much Star Wars we are getting in our lives. 

While this is only just a rumor at the point, and the number of movies per year would seem more than a little ambitious, it does follow in line somewhat with what we are already hearing about Star Wars movies already in different phases of production. The studio appears to have a number of different theatrical productions in the works from a few major names in the industry. The one with the most details is Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron which already has a set release date of December 22, 2023. That will focus on a new group of characters, a team of straighter pilots who are coming up through the ranks. It is set to introduce all-new characters into the universe. 

But that’s not all; Star Wars has other flicks in the works though those are at varying levels. Those have some big-time names attached even if the details are on the lighter side for now. Taika Waititi is planning a movie in the near future. Specifics are almost nil, but based on his work in the Marvel space with Thor: Ragnarok and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, this Star Wars film could trend significantly more comedic and irreverent than almost anything we have seen in the space up until now. 

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Plus, Rian Johnson is rumored to be coming back into the mix with a new trilogy of his own. He directed The Last Jedi, the second in the sequel trilogy According to Variety, Johnson was mum on the details saying the ball was more in LucasFilm’s court right now while they planned a path for another set of films. And finally, Marvel head Kevin Feige has been rumored to be developing his own standalone film with Kathleen Kennedy as well. So yeah, the future would appear bright here in the Star Wars universe. 

It’s easy to forget that we are *only* about two years removed from the last Star Wars film hitting the box office when The Rise of Skywalker finished off the sequel trilogy in somewhat controversial fashion. But with the popularity around the Star Wars offerings beginning on Disney+ which started with The Mandalorian and has grown to a whole host of exciting projects, it’s clear the appetite for this franchise is substantial. 

Star Wars has already shown some success with standalone films, seeing the success of Rogue One as a good starting point for introducing all-new stories and characters. Solo was a miss, but that was grounded in a bit more canon so it isn’t necessarily a great comp for what these next sets of movies could be. Is there enough to put out two per year as the rumor said? That seems ambitious, but it might not be for lack of trying considering everything that is in the works right now.