Midnight Mass Director Wants To Make A Star Wars Horror Movie

By Michileen Martin | 4 weeks ago

star wars horror movie

Star Wars has delivered more than its share of scares over the years. From the heroes’ struggle with the largely unseen trash compactor beast in A New Hope to the tentacled rathtar screaming through Han Solo’s freighter in The Force Awakens, elements of horror have always been in the franchise. There’s at least one director, though, who wants to make a Star Wars horror movie, and fans are right there behind him giving him ideas.

Known best for the Netflix horror projects like Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Hill House — as well as the Stephen King adaptations Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep — writer/director Mike Flanagan wants to make a Star Wars horror movie. He tweeted about it in October, saying that after being woken up by an Earthquake, for some reason he was left thinking about the notion of making a scary movie in the world George Lucas created. You can see that tweet below.

On Thursday, CBR sought to help Flanagan and posted some interesting suggestions about things in the franchise’s mythos that might lend itself well to a Star Wars horror movie. Among other things, they mention the Nightsisters of Dathomir that fans were introduced to in The Clone Wars, the Yuuzhan Vong of the Legends stories, digging deeper into the idea of Force ghosts, and more. They’re all solid suggestions and even before Flanagan made his tweet, the folks at Bloody Disgusting were talking about how amazing a Star Wars horror video game could be.

While they’re all good ideas, it’s not as if any directors like Mike Flanagan who want to make a Star Wars horror movie need help from us for ideas. The films and TV series are bursting with inspiration. Remember in The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo and Chewie hide the Millennium Falcon in what they think is a cave on an asteroid, but actually winds up being the inside of the monstrous exogorth? That could be an entire horror movie all on its own — just a spaceship and her crew trying to escape the innards of a gigantic beast they thought was a cave.

But as to whether or not we’ll ever actually see a Star Wars horror movie likely has less to do with story potential and more to do with whether or not Disney would be willing to create that kind of content for what, so far, has remained a kid-friendly franchise. Another Disney holding, Marvel Studios, is just now starting to dip its toes into horror, but that doesn’t mean Star Wars will necessarily follow.

Still, it’s tempting to speculate on what kind of Star Wars horror movie could be made should it ever happen, not to mention — considering all the IPs under Disney’s banner — the crossover potential. Along with Star Wars, Disney owns Predator and Aliens. Imagine the Rebels getting their hands on the xenomorphs and letting them loose on an Imperial base? Or a Predator landing on Endor? Who wouldn’t watch that movie? Who wouldn’t happily sleep on the sidewalk waiting for tickets to see Predator Vs. Ewoks? Come on.