A Star Wars And Harry Potter Actor Has Died

Paul Grant, who is most known for his roles in Star Wars and Harry Potter, has passed away.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

Paul Grant, known for his roles in Star Wars, Labyrinth, and the Harry Potter films, has died. The actor was 56 years old when he was found unresponsive at a London train station on March 16th. According to ComicBook.com, he was found to be brain-dead at the scene, then was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. On Sunday, March 19, he was taken off life support and passed away.

Paul Grant’s family is understandably crushed by the news of his passing. His daughter told The Sun newspaper that she was “devastated” to lose “a legend” like her father. She spoke about how he always had those around him smiling and laughing and how he loved his children and his girlfriend and her children dearly. He was also a “massive Arsenal fan,” she added.

Maria Dwyer, Paul Grant’s girlfriend, also spoke about how funny he was and how he “made [her] life complete.” An unnamed friend of the family also mentioned that he was a “lovely bloke,” and a “talented actor,” in spite of his having had issues with alcohol and substance abuse.

According to an interview Paul Grant did for Revelation 22:13’s YouTube channel just three weeks ago, the actor knew he had been drinking too much recently. He admitted that he spent all of the money he earned from playing roles like an Ewok in Return of the Jedi on things like alcohol, drugs, and sex workers. He even said during that interview that he needed to stop drinking, and that day would be the last day he drank.

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Paul Grant fell into a dark spiral after he and his wife got divorced. He had already been doing some drugs, but things got out of control after that. He knew he was in trouble and needed help as far back as 2014, but apparently, those problems continued. Still, though, he found happiness with his three children, his grandchildren, and his girlfriend Maria, so it is all the more tragic that his life ended at such a young age.

Paul Grant was born in the UK in 1966 and made his first appearance on screen as an Ewok in the Star Wars franchise in 1983. He also played a member of the Goblin Corps in Labyrinth, the epic fantasy film starring Jennifer Connelly, and worked as a stunt double for the character of Hoggle in that film as well. He appeared in the films Legend and Willow and played a goblin in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

“He’s gone too soon,” Paul Grant’s daughter reiterated in her statement to the press. His stepdaughter Stacey has since set up a GoFundMe page to help collect money for his funeral expenses “to give him the best send off he would want.” 

No cause of death has yet been released for Paul Grant, but there has already been a great outpouring of love and grief for the actor from his family, friends, and fans. 

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