Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine May Get A New Series

By Drew Dietsch | 8 months ago

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is arguably the one Star Trek show that has received the most reappraisal in recent years. Thanks to the show’s discovery on streaming platforms, modern audiences have been able to better understand the unique angles and intentions of this wonderful deviation in the Star Trek franchise. Fans of the show have wondered if there would ever be a return in some form, and now that sounds like it could be a real possibility.

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity is reporting that CBS is considering a revival for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. There are no other details at this time, but it would fall in line with some other rumors we have heard about the character of Benjamin Sisko returning to the Star Trek franchise in some way. Could these two projects be linked? It is worth assuming so since Benjamin Sisko was the leading character in the original series.

More importantly, there is no information as to whether or not any of the original creative team would be returning for this possible revival of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The main writing crew actually reteamed recently in the documentary What We Left Behind and documented their process of “breaking” a premiere episode for a hypothetical eighth season. It is clear that these writers still have a deep passion for the show, and it’s hopeful they would be directly involved in a revival.

Unfortunately, some key cast members have passed away since Star Trek: Deep Space Nine came to a close. René Auberjonois and Aron Eisenberg both died last year. It is going to be difficult to imagine a revival that does not feature the characters of Odo and Nog in some way. If this potential revival does happen, it would be nice to see a strong tribute to these actors in the actual universe of the show. It would be a similar approach that Star Trek Beyond took in acknowledging the passing of Leonard Nimoy.

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If this revival of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine does happen, there is also reason to be cautious. Star Trek: Picard tried to revive a beloved character and act as an extension of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and that hasn’t worked out quite so well. If CBS is really interested in reviving one of the cult favorites shows in the Star Trek canon, the powers-that-be would be wise to look towards what the original Star Trek: Deep Space Nine did so right and try to act as a legitimate extension of that show. We don’t need to add to the consistent problems of modern-day Star Trek.

Could a new version of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine work? It all depends on the creative team involved and the overall direction of the show. Hopefully, this possible revival can take the right inspiration from the original run of the show, try and rejoin as many creative individuals that were involved with the series, and make something that feels like an actual continuation of the show instead of a spiffy new riff that’s burdened by bells and whistles. We’ll be keeping an eye on this news.