Star Trek Planning To Unite Past Captains In One Show

By Faith McKay | 5 months ago

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What can Picard do to bring more Star Trek fans in for the upcoming second season? One current rumor suggests the key is to have an episode packed full of well-known Star Trek captains from the past. As ideas go, that’s a particularly exciting one. 

Insider Daniel Richtman told his Patreon subscribers that his sources haven’t confirmed when such an epic Star Trek event could happen, so there’s no telling whether it could be in the upcoming second season of the CBS All Access show or if it’s still further off.  His information fits with the story we broke a few months ago here, in which we learned that CBS is planning a kind of massive Star Trek: Crossover series.

If the information is correct, who might we see appear in the event episode? There are quite a few captains around, and many still actively acting. For instance, in the upcoming animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy, Kate Mulgrew will be voicing Captain Janeway. Scott Bakula, who played Captain Archer, is still acting. Avery Brooks may soon be picking up his role as Captain Sisko. It isn’t far-fetched to imagine enough captains of the past may be willing to show up for an event episode on Picard, especially as the folks behind the scenes work on expanding their viewership.  

Star Trek Picard

For many, this conversation of course comes back to Captain Kirk, an original Star Trek icon. Is there any hope of Kirk showing up in an episode of Picard? The timelines are of course an issue, but this is science-fiction. Creative writers could make it so if they were engaged enough. William Shatner has seemed iffy on whether he’d ever take up the role again but hasn’t outright said he wouldn’t. So, while it’s unlikely, it’s possible if the people behind the show tried very, very hard.

And why wouldn’t they try hard? Not just on the issue of bringing in Captain Kirk, but bringing in whatever captains they can. Star Trek fans come to love their captains. We rank their catchphrases and make note of their favorite drinks. While some may call it obsessive, others call it fun. Would Trek fans who haven’t made much headway with Picard make time to check out an episode where their favorite captains appear? Odds are they’d make it so.

We already know that the upcoming second season will see the return of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in a guest role, as well as the return of Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan. Considering Picard is becoming somewhat of a reunion for past Star Trek vets, uniting all of the captains would be an interesting direction for the show to take, even if it is just for an episode.


Like many shows today, Picard had to delay filming due to the pandemic. Season Two of the series was originally expected to air in January 2021. The latest news has been that filming will now begin in January 2021, though with the rising number of COVID-19 cases, it isn’t clear if this will remain true. While some crews are currently in action, others have been shutting down and seeing more delays, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Star Trek series manages to pick up filming again at the start of the year. Hopefully, the time off has given them time to call around and get some captains on board for the new season.