All Classic Star Trek Series Are Leaving One Streaming Service Next Week

By Charlene Badasie | 20 mins ago

Star Trek

Star Trek fans who tune in to Amazon Prime to catch up on the adventures of the crew aboard the USS Enterprise are in for a nasty surprise. The streaming service, which has hosted the complete library of classic live-action Star Trek shows, will be dropping them in January. The move comes after Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: Enterprise were removed from Netflix in September.

As licensing deals for the two remaining Star Trek shows on Netflix expire, along with the five shows on Hulu, Paramount+ will become the only home for streaming anything Star Trek-related. This type of consolidation has become a trend in the industry as media companies strive for exclusivity with their shows and franchises on their individual streaming services.

Although Star Trek shows will no longer be part of Amazon Prime Video’s subscription service, it will not affect any digital purchases of episodes or seasons, reports Trek Movie. And fans will still be able to buy individual episodes and seasons through Amazon. Moreover, Paramount+ can also be added to the Amazon Prime Channels lineup which makes organizing your viewing super convenient.

While the classic Star Trek series are exiting the streaming service in the United States, Picard will remain on Prime Video for international viewers. Amazon Prime Video will also be streaming season two internationally starting in February, to coincide with its premiere on Paramount+. This is good news for international fans concerned who voiced their disappointment over delayed access to new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

star trek discovery streaming

The first three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery aired on various services around the world, as the Paramount+ streaming service is not yet available in some territories. With the company planning to expand into more countries in the coming year, the creators of the popular series said the new season would not be available until Paramount+ was launched in those new locations.

However, the streamer decided to scrap their original plans and make Discovery available to fans around the world. An announcement was made on the official Star Trek website which said, “To all of the International Star Trek: Discovery fans – we hear you. We love this series too. We love it for the incredible cast, the hardworking crew, the imaginative storytelling, the groundbreaking, diverse characters, and what it represents to so many people around the world.”

Star Trek: Discovery chronicles the voyages of Starfleet on their mission to discover new worlds and new life-forms. Set approximately ten years before the events of the original series, season one sees the Klingon houses join forces in a war with the United Federation of Planets that heavily involves the crew of the USS Discovery. After the war has ended in season two, the story focuses on seven mysterious signals and a strange figure known as the “Red Angel”. This conflict ends with Starfleet traveling to the 32nd century.

The fourth season of Discovery picks up shortly after season three ended, with Michael Burnham finally taking her turn in the Captain’s chair. The series stars Sonequa Martin-Green stars as Michael Burnham, along with the returning Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Wilson Cruz, David Ajala, and Blu del Barrio.

Discovery season four premiered on the Paramount+ streaming service on November 18, 2021. Including Discovery, there are now various shows in the franchise, namely Strange New Worlds, PicardShort Treks, and the adult animated series Lower Decks.