See The Star Trek: Prodigy Opening

By Doug Norrie | 26 seconds ago

star trek: prodigy

Star Trek is set to boldly go somewhere the franchise has never gone before: into an animated program geared towards kids. When Star Trek: Prodigy hits screen later this year it will be the first foray into youth programming, part of an initiative by those in the franchise to onboard a totally new set of fans. And it looks like it could really work. This week we got the first look at the opening theme for the show and on a visual and musical level, there could be a lot to like for new fans and those well familiar with the stories in this universe. 

The Star Trek: Prodigy opening was revealed at a virtual press day for the Television Critics Association. The theme song was composed by Star Trek musical alum Michael Giacchino and definitely has overtones of what we have heard before in other themes. And though we don’t see any of the show’s characters, we are taken on a romp through the cosmos with the new ship apparently set to explore all manner of the unknowns in space. Check out the Star Trek: Prodigy theme to see some of what is in store. 

Star Trek: Prodigy is launching on Nickelodeon at some point this year and will follow the exploits of a group of youngsters who have found and co-opted a Starfleet ship called the Protostar. It has been abandoned but it is still functional. The group hops on board and, apparently, begins one of the most epic joyrides of all time. The opening theme for the show definitely gives the sense that there is a certain galavanting around the solar systems here, shooting in and out of different places without much of a plan. This would be in line with a group of kids actually running the ship and not a set of highly-trained military-style space folks like in previous shows. 

The Star Trek: Prodigy group is made up mostly of teenagers from different alien races who will all fit various roles within the group. The main cast will feature six kids in all, Rok-Tahk, Dal, Gwyn, Jankom Pog, Zero, and Murf. Plus, a Star Trek alum will join the ranks as well. That will be Kate Mulgrew reprising and voicing the character Kathryn Janeway who is now in holographic form on the bridge of the ship. Her virtual presence will help get the kids prepped to take control of the ship. 

Star Trek: Prodigy has Star Trek creative head Alex Kurtzman in the executive producer role, but the creation of the show went to brothers Kevin and Dan Hageman who have experience in putting together quality kids programming in the past. They penned the screenplays for The Croods: A New Age and scripts for Netflix’s Trollhunters. Plus they helped with The Lego Movie. That’s a solid resume coming into this new series which will be the first of its kind for the franchise. 

star trek prodigy

The show will begin its streaming run Paramount+ but then Star Trek: Prodigy will also land on the aforementioned Nickelodeon. There is already a second season in the works pointing to the confidence they have with this first offering. It is shaping up to be a visual and endearing story, something totally different for the Star Trek franchise but a show fans of all ages should be able to enjoy.