Star Trek Prodigy Season 2: All We Know

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

star trek prodigy season 2

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 is on its way and can’t come soon enough. For a franchise that’s been around for more than half a century now, basically starting when William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy first graced the small screen, you’d think the folks heading up Star Trek and all of its titles would be running out of ideas. But that’s far from the case. If anything, these last few years have been quite the opposite with the franchise seemingly heading into another phase of massive growth. It’s meant all different kinds of stories, some revisiting of the past, rebooting time-honored characters, and much more.

Part of this phase is one of their new animated offerings, and excitement is already building for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 which was announced by Deadline back in November. After a successful first round, there’s a lot to look forward to with this rag-tag group of intergalactic teens. Let’s take a look at everything we know about Star Trek: Prodigy Season Two and what’s in store for the series.


star trek prodigy season 2

For those that haven’t been following along with every in and out of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Prodigy is one of the franchise’s first forays into the animated world. While not the first of its kind in this respect, one key difference with Prodigy, as opposed to other series (or Star Trek movies) in the franchise, is that this one was geared more towards kids. In an effort to bring a younger viewer on as part of the fandom, Alex Kurtzman and company greenlit a series that had its protagonists on the younger side and put it on a channel geared towards a younger audience.


star trek prodigy season 2

While Star Trek: Prodigy is still in its first season with the second run of ten episodes likely to complete sometime this year, we already have a firm sense of our characters and how they entered the world of the Starfleet. Basically, while all “working” on the prison colon on the mining planet of Tars Lamora, a group of six youngsters ends up gaining control of a Starfleet ship, the Protostar. They find it buried in the mines of the planet, are able to uncover it, and make their escape despite knowing nothing about the ship or its origins. This is made easier with the “return” of Captain Kathryn Janeway who appears on the ship in the form of a hologram. This protocol is meant to aid those using the ship. So while she has the appearance of the original Star Trek: Voyager, this isn’t the same character, even in animated form.


While Kathryn Janeway makes her way back into the mix, the cast of characters for Star Trek: Prodigy are all new to this franchise. They are all of different alien races and are Dal, Gwyn, Murf, Rok-Tahk, Jankom Pog, and Zero. Dal is the humanoid character who acts as the show’s protagonist. He doesn’t know much about his background, and it’s unclear where exactly he’s from. This is central to aspects of what is happening in the first season. The rest of the group are races we’ve seen before in the Star Trek franchise. Gwyn is a Vau N’Akat, Rok-Tahk is a Brikar, Jankom Pog is a Tellarite, Zero is a Medusan, and Murf is well, a blob who just also happens to be indestructible. Will they find out what is a Trill in Star Trek? They certainly have a lot of species covered already so it’s not out of the question.

The group starts out on the run from Gwyn’s father, the Diviner, who is in control of the prison planet. There are secrets we learn about him along the way which definitely begin to wrap the Starfleet and Federation into the mix. And with this, the group is also brought to understand aspects of the Star Trek universe we already know with references and discussions about things like the Prime Directive, First Contact, and even the Kobayashi Maru.


While the first season hasn’t wrapped up its whole story yet, it stands to reason we will at least get the Protostar’s crew back for another round of stories. This is a kid’s show after all so it wouldn’t seem like they would take all that many liberties when it came to killing a popular character off along the way. That really isn’t the point. 

That would mean in terms of the show’s voice talent we’d have Brett Gray back as Dal, Ella Purnell back as Gwyn, Angus Imrie as Zero, Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk, Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog, and Dee Bradley Baker as Murf. Plus, the fantastic Kate Mulgrew should be back as Janeway. Having her voice the character was just one of the reasons Trekkies were excited about this series when it was first announced seeing as how it ties directly back to the Voyager series.


Kevin and Dan Hageman are the lead writers and creators of the show and it stands to reason both will be back for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2. They were originally tapped for the series after considerable and acclaimed work in the animated space already. The pair scripted story elements of The Lego Movie and The Lego Movie Ninjago and also penned The Croods: A New Age and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. 

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For Star Trek: Prodigy, the pair of brothers crafted a story that served two purposes and did so quite well. For starters, they worked in a new group of characters who were essentially seeing for themselves all the pieces of the Star Trek franchise for the first time. Learning about the Protostar through Janeway, and coming on board with some of the aspects of the Federation that fans know so well was the perfect way to bring on a new, and younger viewer into the franchise. As much as this was a cool story, it was also a primer for Star Trek in general. 

And along with that, the writing pair also paid homage to the overall universe meaning longtime Trekkies could enjoy the story just as much, maybe even seeing themselves as the children (or teenagers) who were entering this universe with wide eyes. It was quite the feat.


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The simple answer here is, “Yes”. That’s because all Star Trek stories, at least in some part, are all a piece of the overall puzzle. There are some timeline elements in the first season that involve time travel, and there are mysteries around how the Protostar ended up in this timeline. But in terms of how this show fits into the larger Star Trek universe, it’s all part of the same story.


Because this is a Star Trek show, we know that Star Trek: Prodigy will air and stream on Paramount+. That’s been the landing space for all properties in this franchise. But as they’ve done with some other works, fans don’t necessarily have to have this service to watch the show. That’s because the deal for this series was signed in conjunction with Nickelodeon which is also broadcasting every episode. This was a move to bring along the aforementioned younger crowd. For the first season, there was about a two-month lag between the Paramount+ offering and the Nickelodeon broadcast. I think we can expect similar timing this next time around.