Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Release Date Is Later Than Expected

By Erika Hanson | 4 months ago

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Following the delight of Trekkies across the globe, Paramount+ has finally unveiled the release date for Star Trek: Picard season 2. The series follows Jean-Luc Picard- one of the most renowned Starfleet captains to ever grace the Captain’s chair in the long-running world of Star Trek. While the studio prepares to double down on filming back-to-back upcoming seasons for the anticipated series, it seems the studio couldn’t quite “make it so” when delivering on the originally planned release date for the upcoming second season. 

Back in September, The Hollywood Reporter released breaking news that not only was the character-centric series already being renewed for its third season but also that after two long years since the series premiere, the second season would air in February. The news was announced during a live-streamed celebration commemorating the official Star Trek day, which falls every year on September 8th. However, earlier this week Paramount broke the news that the upcoming release date would be slightly pushed back, landing Picard season 2’s release date on Thursday, March 3rd. Most likely, the delay in release stems from a recent shut-down onset due to COVID-19.

While the Star Trek franchise has been taking fans on a final frontier journey for over six decades, Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Starfleet officer Jean-Luc Picard has been a coveted fan favorite over the various series throughout the years. First helming the USS Enterprise in 1987, Star Trek: The Next Generation depicted the adventures aboard the Starfleet ship and its seven successful seasons exploring the Milky Way galaxy. Procuring immense success that led the series to become the most-watched Star Trek show, the popular cast and crew of the show went on to make four films as well.

Star Trek Picard patrick stewart

The first season of Star Trek: Picard aired on CBC All Access in January of 2020. Touted as a more character-focused series in the franchise, the show was slated to depict Patrick Steward reprising his famous role. In its first season, a now-retired Jean-Luc Picard has been deeply affected by the death of his longtime friend and crewmate, Data, along with the destruction of the planet Romulus in the film Star Trek (2009). Met with plenty of positive reviews from both Trekkies and critics alike, Stewarts’ performance in the debut season was highly praised, despite the season’s slow pace.

The series was created by  Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chabon, Kirsten Beyer, and Alex Kurtzman-the president of the Star Trek franchise. Similarly, Sir Patrick Stewart himself is also lending his hand executive producing as well to Star Trek: Picard season 2. The series also stars Alison Pill, Isa Briones, Evan Evagora, Michelle Hurd, Santiago Cabrera, Jeri Ryan, Orla Brady, John de Lancie, Annie Wersching, and Brent Spiner. 

While the second season of Picard quickly approaches, much of the season’s details remain under wraps. However, it seems the second season will not tie in much with the first. For the upcoming season, Jean-Luc-Picard and the ragtag crew of La Sirena travel back in time to the 21st century in an epic race to save time. In possibly the most tantalizing news, Star Trek: Picard season 2 will bring back a fan-favorite character to the series. Picard season 2 will feature Q, the god-like character and nemesis to Picard.