Every Ship In Star Trek: Picard’s Fleet Museum Identified

Thanks to fans, every ship in Star Trek: Picard's Fleet Museum has been identified, and it was hiding some amazing easter eggs for long-time fans.

By Kevin C. Neece | Updated

Star Trek: Picard‘s latest episode features a truly spectacular fleet museum with a wide array of starships, and a researcher for the series has identified all of them. Jörg Hillebrand took to Twitter on Friday to share an image of the legacy ships featured in Thursday’s Season 3, Episode 6, “The Bounty” with each ship class identified.

Here’s every ship in Star Trek: Picard’s fleet museum identified and labeled…

To see zoomed-in, close-ups of key ships in the museum visit our dedicated Starships page.

The image is a virtual Easter egg basket of Star Trek ships, with many, such as the USS Voyager, the USS Defiant, and the USS Excelsior, instantly recognizable fan favorites.

Others, though, are lovely little nuggets for all the shipyard nerds. There are less commonly seen ship classes, such as Akira and Nebula, plus more recognizable classes, such as the Constellation class—seen most famously as Picard’s first command, the original USS Stargazer—and the Miranda class, infamously featured as the USS Reliant (though that is not the Reliant in the picture, of course, but a different Miranda), which Khan Noonien Singh commandeered in Star Trek II.

And though it might look like the original USS Enterprise is present, that ship was refit in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and then destroyed over the Genesis planet, so the Constitution-class vessel we see in this shot is the USS New Jersey.

Classic Star Trek Ship
USS New Jersey as seen in Star Trek: Picard

Whether these are the most well-known vessels in each ship class or not, it’s exciting to see these familiar and rare designs all in one place.

Star Trek: Picard has, since its first season, been a smorgasbord of Easter eggs, almost on the level of Star Trek: Lower Decks, but not quite to that extreme. The scenery, props, and even incidental sound effects have frequently been awash with homages to Trek luminaries and insiders, from Spock to Season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas.

In this episode, the series even made the fairly meta move of featuring Geordi LaForge actor LeVar Burton’s real-life daughter as one of LaForge’s daughters.

Paying tribute to a franchise’s past is often dismissed as “fan service,” a cloying gimmick of which Star Trek has certainly been guilty from time to time over the course of its 56-year-and-counting history (explorable on IMDb). But Star Trek: Picard seems to be striking an extraordinary balance of bringing back fan favorites—in ways both large and small—that avoid being trite or superficial but are expanding and deepening existing characters and finding rich, dramatic material within decades-old storylines.

While this has been done well in previous seasons, Matalas—who knows a thing or two about Trek’s legacy—has been especially skilled at weaving a new “tapestry” (TNG pun intended) out of old and new threads.

Indeed, these hidden gems and details in the series are just one example of the love with which it is made. This season has brought back to Trek, along with fellow legends Doug Drexler, Dan Curry, and John Eaves, scenic artist, and designer Mike Okuda, who was well-known during his time on previous Trek films and series such as TNG for hiding little in-jokes and sci-fi references in on-set signs and labels, and in his computer display designs, known as Okudagrams.

So it only seems fitting that Picard, and the other new Trek series, would continue this tradition.

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