Star Trek Movies Just Left Streaming With No Idea If They’ll Return

Ten Star Trek movies have abruptly stopped streaming on Paramount+.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Updated

All six of the Star Trek featuring the cast of The Original Series movies and four of The Next Generation films just left the Paramount+ streaming service. This service is the known home of Star Trek television, but when it comes to movie rights, the films have not been a solid staple. Although Paramount+ boasts that they offer “every series, every episode,” Trekkies seeking the full movie experience may find themselves disappointed

It hasn’t even been a year since Paramount+ announced that they would house all 13 Star Trek movies for US audiences. This was announced in November, but throughout the year there has been little to no consistency in viewing availability. These movies were beamed in and beamed out to the point that audiences questioned if the service would retain the rights at all.

Last month, each Star Trek movie except for The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek Beyond could be viewed. But something shifted during that time. As soon as October hit, the streaming service flipped the switch, and instead of excluding just 2 of the films, now only 2 are being offered at all. 

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Only 2 of the rebooted, Kelvin-timeline Star Trek movies are available. The 2009 and 2013 titles have been left behind to attempt to appease audiences, but those seeking classics and more beloved storylines than what was recently produced are no longer able to search for Spock or make their own first contact. What’s even more confusing is that this is only true for those living in the USA. 

While Americans can no longer take their voyage home, the first 11 films are still streaming for audiences in other areas of the world, like the UK. This move to cut so many Star Trek movies is likely to cast doubt on the Paramount+ streaming service. Some audiences may be moved to return to other forms of media, being that DVDs are selling for cheap and even VHS tapes are now making a massive comeback for collectors. 

Paramount has yet to release any statement on the removal of so many Star Trek movies at once and speculation is spreading like the Borg. Whether licensing deals are being re-negotiated, or potentially pulled altogether is uncertain, but this displays the uncertainty of streaming services altogether. While Paramount+ may offer viewers an undiscovered country one month, it could be their final frontier the next. 

Thankfully, Star Trek movies have survived through many battles. They have proven their longevity which means that if they are permanently dropped by Paramount+, they could end up on AMC, or other services. If that fails, collectors and Trekkies can still purchase any of the classics on Blu-rays.

The loss of most of the Star Trek movies at one time is a big deal for any streaming service. The fact that Paramount+ only issued these changes for the US has led many to hope that it is merely a temporary issue — that could be remedied as early as next month. How this plays out will determine whether the service retains continued support from audiences who wish “To boldly go where no man has gone before.”