Multiple Upcoming Star Trek Movies Confirmed To Be In The Works

By Annie Banks | 1 hour ago

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It looks as if Paramount Pictures has plans for more Star Trek movies after all. After jumping onto the bandwagon and creating a streaming service of their own with Paramount+, Paramount Pictures is undergoing rapid management shifts while shaking up its programming roster. Management changes are all behind the intention to tailor new content creation for streaming purposes post-ViacomCBS-merger, and with the new content, comes the new era of Star Trek on the big screen.

ViacomCBS chairperson Shari Redstone was impressed by Paramount chairman and CEO Brian Robbins’ ability to “tap into younger audiences” through prioritizing Paramount+ while sacrificing the sales generated by theater-based ticket sales. Former Paramount CEO and chairman Jim Gianopulos sent out an acknowledgment around the cinematic worlds that Paramount has created during the height of its big-screen hype.

“Since its inception, Paramount has been synonymous with great theatrical entertainment, and together, we have launched massive global hits like Mission: Impossible—Fallout, and helped build new cinematic worlds, like A Quiet Place and Sonic the Hedgehog, and elevated existing ones, like Transformers and Star Trek (with new films in the works), among others,” Gianopulos said, inadvertently confirming new Star Trek movies in the parentheses of his message.

star trek movie

Vazquez served as a consulting producer for Star Trek: Discovery and was the writer behind the episode Terra Firma, Part 2. She is also responsible for the Short Trek episode Ask Not, and sources her namesake from Kelinda, a character on Star Trek: The Original Series. Vasquez will be the first woman to ever write a Star Trek movie. This will also mark Vasquez’s first feature film project that will elevate her from writing for the small screen to writing for the big screen. There is no word on who will be cast in the upcoming Star Trek movies, but Star Trek alumn William Shatner has expressed great interest in returning on his own terms. No plot, casting, or director has been announced. It has not been disclosed how Vasquez’s vision will tie into previous Star Trek movies.

The 2023 Star Trek movie has not determined whether it will tie into the Kelvin universe or if it will explore other alternatives such as Star Trek: Nemesis. It remains unclear if Chris Pine will come back as Captain Jim Kirk after taking on the role in 2009 alongside Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock. The early 2020s Star Trek movie will not overlap with Vasquez’s independent project. The most recent installment in the Kelvin Universe was Star Trek Beyond in 2016 which earned $343.4 million worldwide. Quentin Tarantino was once supposed to work on a Star Trek movie of his own, which sought out similar themes from 1930s gangster films.

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Son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Rod Roddenberry, spoke up on his thoughts concerning Tarantino’s Star Trek movie that seemingly lost the filmmaker’s prioritization. Roddenberry said that he grew up with fans telling him about how the franchise inspired them and instilled hope for the future. He continued by stating that Star Trek, including any Star Trek movie, bases itself on its optimism and its future messaging. Roddenberry claims that a Star Trek with just action is not Star Trek, noting the franchise’s attitude as its main distinguishing asset that sets it apart from Star Wars. He also believes in the possibility of Star Trek and Star Wars co-existing.

The details around the 2023 Star Trek movie are scarce yet, and it’s difficult to try to assume anything about any other movie moving forward. Regardless of where the franchise decides to take itself, Paramount Pictures has more intergalactic adventures on the way. The next untitled Star Trek movie welcomes fans back aboard the Enterprise on June 9, 2023.