See Star Trek Crew Covered In Purple Goo

By Michileen Martin | Published

uss enterprise

Paramount+’s animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks is on its way back for its third season, and there’s already been some huge news about the series. For one, the crew of the USS Cerritos will be making its way to Deep Space Nine; allowing for the return of some dearly missed characters. The show will somehow be having a crossover with the live-action series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. While we’ll have to wait to learn more about those intriguing developments, the series has revealed shots from the new season’s first two episodes.

As reported by Trek Movie, the season 3 premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks will be “Grounded,” and will likely have a lot to do with the cliffhanger last season ended on. The Cerritos’ commanding officer, Captain Carol Freeman, was arrested by Starfleet and accused of causing the destruction of the Pakled Planet. The first image from “Grounded” shows Freeman still under heavy guard, and the second shows the four main characters — Tendi, Boimler, Mariner, and Rutherford — in civilian attire and, for some reason, covered in purple goo. You can see those images below.

star trek lower decks

Episode 2 is “The Least Dangerous Game” and judging by the pictures, we’ve got some hilarious stuff coming from that one. The first shot from the episode shows the four heroes playing a Klingon version of Dungeons & Dragons called “Bat’leths & BIHnuchs.” For those unfamiliar with Klingonese — Bat’leths are of course the famous curved blades of the Klingons, while “BIHnuch” basically means “coward.” The second image shows Boimler being chased by a vicious looking alien with a small arsenal of weaponry on its back. According to Trek Movie, this is K’Ranch and he’ll be voiced by Nolan North (Uncharted). The creature is apparently inspired by Tosk — a creature from the early Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Captive Pursuit.” Scott MacDonald played the reptilian Tosk, who had been bred to be hunted. However this K’Ranch looks more like he’s on the hunting side of things. You can see for yourself what we mean below.

Earlier this week, Paramount released the trailer for Star Trek: Lower Decks‘ third season. Along with all the Easter eggs and cheeky references fans of the show are used to — like Mariner promising Starfleet recruits “the Undiscovered Country” and the heroes meeting for a meal at the same restaurant Joseph Sisko (Brock Peters) practically lived in whenever he showed up on Deep Space Nine — the trailer ends with the Cerritos’ arrival at DS9 and the Bajoran Wormhole. We also get to hear J.G. Hertzler voice a virtual version of Martok in their “Bat’leths & BIHnuchs” session. You can watch the trailer below.

It will be interesting to find out exactly what Lower Decks has in store for the future of DS9. Lower Decks is meant to be set a couple of years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, which in turn was a few years after the Deep Space Nine finale. Former Deep Space Nine writers put together a season 8 outline for the 2018 documentary What We Left Behind and then there was the Alone Together series that Deep Space Nine alum made at the height of Covid, but there’s been nothing canonical other than the fact that at some point Michael Dorn’s Worf returns to the Enterprise.