Major Kira Just Returned To Star Trek, See Her In Action

Nana Visitor returned to voice her signature character, Kira Nerys, for the most recent episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks.

By Michileen Martin | Published

This week’s Star Trek: Lower Decks episode saw the return of Nana Visitor to the role of Kira Nerys, though only in voice. The USS Cerritos travels to Deep Space Nine for negotiations with the Keramma and, just as she was in the series finale of Deep Space Nine, Kira–a Major through most of the series but now a Colonel–is in command of the station.

While Benjamin Sisko doesn’t make an appearance, Kira lets us know she’s got his baseball waiting for him in his old office.

Star Trek: Lower Decks loves to poke fun at the various tropes at work in Trek, and most of Kira’s time in “Hear All, Trust Nothing,” is spent poking fun at all the old war stories Deep Space Nine fans heard whenever Nerys reconnected with old war buddies. It turns out Kira counts the Cerritos security chief Shaxs (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) among her old comrades in the rebellion against the Cardassians, and throughout the episode the pair argue back and forth about which one has saved the other’s life more often.

Shax and Kira

And to be clear–they’re not arguing over who gets the credit. Both Kira and Shaxs are arguing that they each are the one more heavily in the other’s debt. All it would need to make it the perfect Star Trek “Kira Connects With Old War Buddies” story is for Shaxs to die horribly by the end of it. But, of course, he already died and came back in earlier seasons, so they give him a break this time around.

star trek kira
Kira as she appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

You can hear a bit of difference in Visitor’s voice, but not so much that it hurts the performance. She’s still got that same red Bajoran uniform (implying Bajor still isn’t part of the Federation), and she still can only stand so much of Quark.

Kira and Quark on Star Trek: Lower Decks
Kira and Quark on Star Trek: DS9