Female Focused Star Trek Movie On The Way?

A new rumor says to expect a Star Trek movie soon with a woman in the lead.

By Faith McKay | Updated

Star Trek

Star Trek is a franchise with no shortage of women characters who could step in to take on their own film. Whenever you’re talking about great women from Star Trek, you’re going to be talking about Captain Kathryn Janeway, Nyota Uhura from the original series, or recently, Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery. Now, insider Daniel Richtman has shared with his Patreon page that Paramount wants a female-led movie for the franchise.

This is the full extent of what he claims to have heard, so there’s no telling whether this is a theatrical film or a streaming exclusive for Paramount+. So far, Star Trek has been a big hit for the newly renamed streaming service, so a movie for the service may make sense. Of course, this could also be a part of the J.J. Abrams movies. We’ve recently learned that the studio is interested in making spinoffs. Could one of them be led by the women of Trek? When Giant Freakin Robot previously shared that news, we brought up the possibility of a film starring Jaylah. There are certainly no shortage of already existing women in the universe.

In early March, Deadline shared that Kalinda Vasquez was hired by Paramount Pictures to write a movie script that Bad Robot (the production company belonging to J.J. Abrams) will be producing. Vasquez worked on Star Trek: Discovery, a show with a woman in the starring role. Could the movie she’s currently writing be the project Daniel Richtman heard about? The movie script she is writing is an idea she created herself.

star trek: discovery

These days, the franchise is alive and well, at least in terms of television series. But for the movies, it hasn’t been extremely clear what lies ahead. Are the Kelvinverse movies still happening? There was a great deal of talk around the Quentin Tarantino R-rated script, but that doesn’t feel like a true possibility at this point. It sounds like Paramount is no longer interested in the much-discussed Noah Hawley script. With all of these big movie scripts discussed for Star Trek and then dropped by Paramount, it sounds like the studio isn’t sure what they want to do yet, or at least haven’t found something they like enough to commit to for a film. While they hired Vasquez to write a movie script, there’s no guarantee that they will more forward with actually making it.

So while the idea that they’re currently discussing an idea for a Star Trek movie focused on a woman sounds entirely plausible, there’s no telling what Paramount plans to actually move forward with at this point. At least in terms of making movies. For television series, the options are rich and exciting with Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds. There, at least, Paramount seems to be full-steam ahead. They may be having a difficult time figuring out how to tie their movie and television universes together. It would make sense if whatever movie projects they’re currently talking about end up being exclusive productions for their streaming service instead of theatrical productions. For now, we’ll be watching to see what they decide to do next.

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