Star Trek’s Discovery-A Has Holodecks, Best Image Yet Of The New Ship

By Josh Tyler | 5 months ago


Last week Star Trek: Discovery gave us a brand new hero ship for the crew to run around in. It’s a refit version of the original USS Discovery. In the past refitting a starship in the Star Trek universe hasn’t resulted in a change of that ship’s registry number, but for some reason the Discovery refit did get a new registry. Now it’s the USS Discovery 1031-A. And we just got our first really clear look at the new Discovery-A. Here it is…

USS Discovery NCC-1031-A

The image comes from one of Star Trek’s official Instagram pages and it’s stitched together from two different posts. Previously the best image we’d gotten of the ship was taken inside Starfleet’s strange, light-filled distortion field which makes everything look fuzzy and blue. That version made the ship look this way…

Star Trek
Discovery-A inside Starfleet’s disotortion field

But it seems the original image tricked us in a few ways, most notably in the Discovery-A’s color which has not really changed as much as we thought. While it’s not exactly the same, old coppery brown color…

Discovery before the Refit

…the Discovery-A is not exactly the silvery-white color we thought we saw before either. It’s closer to copper than it is silver.

A new look on the outside isn’t the only thing about the ship that’s changed. We just learned that somewhere inside the Discovery-A is a holodeck. The addition of holodecks was confirmed by Tig Notaro, who plays engineer (can we just make her Chief Engineer already?) Jett Reno on Star Trek: Discovery. She posted a “personal log” in character as Jett and here’s what she had to say about the changes to the Discovery-A…

“New holodecks are cool, though. Risa sounds good right about now… Me. A beach. No one around as far as the eye can see.”

— Jett Reno’s Personal Log
Star Trek Holodeck
Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Holodeck

Bringing back holodecks to the Star Trek universe is a welcome change and, of course, one that makes total sense when the Discovery-A crew is now 900 years in the future. We haven’t seen a lot of holodecks in live action Star Trek since Star Trek: Voyager ended its run way back in 2001. Because Star Trek has become so overly focused on making prequels (Star Trek: Enterprise, the Kelvinverse movies, and the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery), most of the Star Trek we’ve gotten has been set before holodecks were created.

Star Trek: Picard brought holodecks back when it debuted earlier this year, but didn’t really do anything fun with them. Star Trek: Lower Decks had holodecks and made them awesome, but it’s only an animated show. Proper holodeck storylines in a live action format is something Trek has sorely missed.

Lower Decks holodeck
Holodeck on Star Trek: Lower Decks

Given all the new technological advancements Discovery is installing on the Discovery-A, like programmable matter, you’d think they’d have something even better than holodecks. They have personal transporters now, why not personal holodecks?

As Star Trek: Discovery season 3 moves forward with the Discovery-A, we’ll hopefully find out soon.

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