See Star Trek: Discovery’s New Uniforms, Some Of Them Look Like Tron

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

Star Trek: Discovery is set to begin its fourth season, now on Paramount+. As part of a media blitz on Monday, the streaming network released all kinds of new promotional material around the franchise. It was a day full of surprises, teasers, new characters, and a whole host of things that are set to expand the universe while also harken back to some of the iconic pieces from the past. One of those updates, if you will, is around the uniforms for the Discovery crew. They are getting a bit of an overhaul, going for a more futuristic style than before. Heck, they even have a little bit of Tron in them. 

Before we dive into this new look for the Star Trek Discovery crew, take a look at what this new season has to offer in terms of story, intrigue, threats the crew and, of course, the updated style for Captain Michael Burnham and company:

You can see from the trailer that there is a ton in store coming down the intergalactic pike for these folks. The threats are even more existential than in the past, something of a theme across some parts of the franchise in its current iteration. But if the worlds are getting more difficult to manage, the style and look to the crew is definitely also moving off into the future. Check out what Burnham looks like in her new duds and how they’ve transformed since the first season. 

star trek: discovery
star trek: discovery

For starters, this new Star Trek Discovery look for their “bridge” uniforms is an updated style from some more traditional Star Trek cuts. In the past, we’ve seen a snugger fit with, a futuristic “soldier” style that had a lot of overlap with a military look. In multiple iterations, we get both brighter colors but also a traditional style. By contrast, take a look at some of the uniforms from the first couple of seasons. 

star trek: discovery
star trek: discovery

You can see the differences between the old and the new with this updated outfit having a bit more of a flowing style, longer in its cut, and drifting toward a more modern style. It’s subtle in some respects, still calling to the overall franchise, and we wouldn’t be confused that the Star Trek Discovery crew is most definitely still part of the Starfleet. But the differences are clear. 

star trek: discovery

And then, there are the Tron-style looks we are seeing in this new Star Trek Discovery trailer. The glowing outline along the seams is a distinct style, something different than we’ve seen from the franchise before in body armor like this. For such a futuristic show, one that’s explored all manners and corners of time and space with technology well beyond anything we can currently comprehend, the uniforms for the crew have always had a traditional look. These new, lit-up uniforms appear to be associated with missions, action gear if you will. Take a look at what I mean and then see the comparison to the Tron folks. 

And then see how Star Trek: Discovery compares to Tron:

In many ways, there hasn’t been much divergence from what the first Captain Kirk group looked like all those decades ago. Some shows, like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, are keeping in that style considering the timeline is more in line with the original show. That series will predate the Kirk timeline, the uniforms do have to match.

Number One in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Sure, there have been some minor stylistic differences in Star Trek over the years, but not really. It’s one of the things that’s been a consistent thread throughout the franchise and been a way to *ground* all the different shows into the same theoretical timeline. This new Star Trek: Discovery look is a definitive move to the future.

There’s so much to get excited about with this new season of Star Trek: Discovery and it is set to premiere this year. It’s currently filming through June