Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer Reveals Redesigned Ferengi, They’ve Ruined Them

By Josh Tyler | 1 day ago

Star Trek: Discovery received almost universal hatred for their decision to totally change and redesign the look of Klingons when the show debuted back in season 1. It seems they didn’t learn their lesson, because they’ve now taken their meddling ways and applied them to the Ferengi in the NYCC trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 4.

We haven’t seen the Ferengi in the world of Star Trek: Discovery before, but the new Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer has a Ferengi wearing a Starfleet uniform in it. Here’s the trailer, you’ll see the Ferengi around the 40 second mark.

And just you case you blinked and missed it, here he is in a still shot…

Star Trek Discover season 4 Ferengi

It looks so different from a normal Ferengi you might be tempted to convince yourself it’s not a Ferengi but an entirely new species. Here’s how Ferengi are supposed to look, for comparison…

Quark, not in Star Trek: Discovery season 4's trailer
Quark, Star Trek’s Most Famous Ferengi

If you look closely, you can tell Ferengi is what Disco is going for. The new version has the same four bumps on its head, they are just more low key. The ears have some of the Ferengi trademarks, despite being changed to look like the ears of a bat. The nose is virtually the same, too much the same for this new, awful looking thing to be anything other than a Nu Trek Ferengi.

So for anyone who thought the faithful yet innovative Star Trek renaissance being pulled off by Mike McMahon over on Star Trek: Lower Decks might rub off on Discovery, here’s proof that you were wrong. That’s not happening. Star Trek: Discovery is going to go right on ruining Star Trek and turning into something totally unrecognizable. The new Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer released at the New York Comic Con confirms it. Feel free to tune out.

At least we have Lower Decks. Here’s how Star Trek: Lower Decks does Ferengi, for comparison…

Star Trek
Lower Decks Ferengi

The classic Ferengi look isn’t just better than the Discovery season 4 version because that’s how Ferengi are supposed to look, it’s better from a design standpoint. These new Ferengi look like Nighthob from The Neverending Story had a baby with his bat…

Ferengi ruined
Scene from The Neverending Story

The team at Star Trek: Discovery has taken a wholly original, totally iconic character design and made it more generic and bland. Expect lots more of that from Star Trek: Discovery season 4.