Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Revival Finally On The Way?

By Nathan Kamal | Published

star trek: deep space nine feature

Star Trek is having a new moment in the sun, with more series concurrently airing than ever before. Paramount Studios has been going all in with the franchise, rapidly expanding with a slate of new shows, prequels, sequels, and whatever you want to consider Lower Decks. However, all these appearances by Star Trek characters of all our yesterdays have made devoted fans wonder: what about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? The 1990s series starring Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko has long been regarded as one of Star Trek’s best and most nuanced roles and, according to some remarks at San Diego Comic-Con, it might be due for some kind of revival. 

Per Trek Movie, the Star Trek Universe panel at the recent San Diego Comic-Con featured a trailer for the upcoming next season of Star Trek: Lower Decks and there was a brief glimpse of the USS Cerritos visiting the eponymous station Deep Space Nine. According to Lower Decks showrunner Mike McMahan, some “friendly faces” might show up, so we can all assume an entire episode will revolve around the neverending and hilarious tales of Quark’s bar regular Morn. Given the generally comedic tone of Lower Decks and its focus on the low-ranking members of a Star Trek vessel, a trip to Deep Space Nine might only feature some of the primary characters in passing, but even that would be welcome.

Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman also answered a fan question about whether there had been any consideration to revisiting Deep Space Nine, albeit cryptically. He said (basically) that there were always conversations about the past history of Star Trek, which inherently involved Captain Sisko as one of the more important characters of the franchise. Kurtzman also went on to say that any revisiting of Deep Space Nine would require a “new direction,” presumably in the same way that Star Trek: Picard is not a simple repeat of The Next Generation (somewhat to the ire of fans). 

However, it already has been confirmed that the final season of Picard will involve at least one character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Worf, played as always by Michael Dorn.

Worf originated as a character on The Next Generation and joined the cast of Deep Space Nine (which also featured an appearance from Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard in the pilot episode) in the fourth season. It is entirely possible we will see other Deep Space Nine characters show up in the final season of Picard, considering they have Voyager’s Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and pretty much all of The Next Generation guest-starring (sorry, Wesley). 

Even if there are no immediate plans for Star Trek to revive Deep Space Nine as a proper series, there can be little doubt that it will slowly begin to be incorporated into the growing future of the franchise. A comic series set a few years after the finale of Deep Space Nine is currently in the works, which will be an acceptable stopgap for now.