Stacey Dash Returning To Her Most Iconic Role?

Stacey Dash would be interested in reprising her role of Dionne Davenport in a potential Clueless 2.

By Chad Langen | Updated

Although it’s been over 25 years since the iconic teen comedy Clueless premiered in theaters, rumors of a sequel or continuation of the beloved story have been circulating for years. Now, nearly two months after Alicia Silverstone reprised her famous role as Cher Horowitz from the film in a Super Bowl LVII commercial, her Clueless co-star Stacey Dash recently indicated that she would be down for a remake. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 56-year-old actress said it “would be up to Amy [Heckerling],” the original movie’s director.

Stacey Dash, who played Dionne Davenport in the classic film, attended the ‘90s Con in Hartford, Connecticut over the weekend. In addition to telling saying that she would jump at the opportunity to return as her Clueless character in a remake, should Amy Herckerling decide to bring the cast back together, the 7th Secret star shared what she thought her character would be up to all these years later. She said that she pictures Dionne as a “fashion editor of a magazine.”

While Stacey Dash has kept quite busy since appearing in Clueless, her turn as Dionne is arguably the most recognizable role of her career. In the film, her character is the best friend and confidante of Silverstone’s Cher. She’s fashionable, confident, and always has a witty comeback on standby.

Not surprisingly, her role in the popular ‘90s movie helped catapult her to stardom. Stacey Dash went on to appear in several other hit movies, including Cold Around the Heart, View from the Top, and Gang of Roses. She even served as a co-hostess on the Fox News Channel talk show Outnumbered.

Stacey Dash

Outside of her acting career, Stacey Dash has faced significant controversy in recent years due to her political affiliations and controversial statements. She has become known for her support for former President Donald Trump, which has caused backlash among some of her former fans. Additionally, she has been criticized for her comments on issues such as race, feminism, and LGBTQ rights, which have been seen as insensitive and divisive by many.

One of the most notable instances of controversy involving Stacey Dash was her appearance at the Oscars back in 2016, where she made a controversial statement about Black History Month. Dash, who is black, criticized the idea of having a separate month to celebrate black history. The actress was called out for failing to understand the importance of Black History Month, which is to celebrate and recognize the contributions of black people throughout history.

Despite her political views, Stacey Dash remains a beloved figure in the world of entertainment, particularly among fans of Clueless. Her performance as Dionne is one of the main reason’s the film is so popular. It probably goes without saying that her absence in any potential sequel or remake would likely negatively impact the overall quality of the movie.

For now, there are currently no plans for a Clueless 2, and just the talk of a potential continuation of the classic comedy has already been met with skepticism from some fans. After all, Hollywood has a long history of botching reboots and sequels to beloved properties. With Stacey Dash, Alicia Silverstone, and Elisa Donovan all seemingly down to reprise their respective roles, however, there’s at least some reason to be optimistic.