Travelers Can Now Book A Squid Game Vacation Tour

By Jason Collins | 2 weeks ago

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Netflix’s record-breaking survival drama series, Squid Game, has already entrenched itself in so many facets of life, enveloping its dystopian tentacles around makeup trends, easy Halloween costume ideas, public protests, and now – traveler’s vacation ideas.

The immense popularity of the show, and public interest in the show’s filming locations, prompted South Korean tourist locations to borrow Squid Game themes to further attract tourists, following the removal of virus mitigation restrictions. With that in mind, those in love with the show can now book a Squid Game vacation tour and visit some of the following locations:

Seoul, South Korea – Seoul is the Squid Game contestant’s hometown, and many of the series’ scenes were shot at various locations across town. The local government has already borrowed some of the show’s themes and marked several locations across town worth visiting. For example, many scenes with Gi-hun were shot in Ssandmun-ding, located in the northern outskirts of Seoul. Other locations include a fish stall in Baegun Market on Samyang-ro 154-gil, and an arcade called Pokopang in Chang-dong, Sangbong Intercity Bus Terminal, and Namsan Park.

Ulsan, a port city of South Korea – Jangsaengpo Whale Special Culture Zone in Ulsan has reported more than 10,000 tourists vising the Whale Culture Village in the first two weeks of October. In addition, squid Game fans visited the village to play Korean children’s games like the dalgona challenge from the show.

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Jeju Island – often referred to as “Hawaii of Korea,” Jeju is the largest of Korea’s islands, best known for its waterfalls, white beaches, forests, and volcanic landscapes that have attracted tourists for a long time now. In light of the renewed interest in the island, inspired by the Squid Game television show, the Jeju provisional government launched online promotional events, including the aforementioned dalgona cookie making, to further increase the tourists’ interest.

Seongapdo Island, Incheon – The island in the show had to be depicted as remote and deserted enough to hide the mass murder of a large number of people, and the tourism-heavy Jeju Island referred to in the show wasn’t an actual filming location. Instead, filming took place on Seongapdo Island, scarcely populated by fishermen. However, only some outdoor filming took place on Seongapdo, while most of the show’s gameplay took place on Daejeon sets.

Daejeon, South Korea – dubbed as “Asia’s Silicon Valley,” this tech capital of South Korea is the nation’s fifth-largest city and a television production hub located only 50 minutes from Seoul by train. Most of the gameplay sequences were filmed on sets that were built from scratch.

Various travel agreements have been signed between South Korea and neighboring and other countries, which will take effect on November 15, to lift the quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers. This would enable more tourists to enjoy various games featured in Netflix’s hit show while we’re collectively waiting for Season Two of Squid Game.

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Based on the real-life Korean children’s game – called Ojingeo due to the size and shape of the game’s board, Squid Game is Netflix’s nine-episode series in which 456 people are playing classic childhood games for a chance to win a hefty sum of money. However, there’s a catch: the contenders are drowning in debt, and the prize counts in millions – which just happens to be something that a debt-crushed individual would need. And though it seems harmless to those who haven’t watched the show, those in the know understand the true grisly nature of the games: if you win a game, you proceed. But if you lose, you’re killed on the spot. According to POPSUGAR UK, this captivating show caught the attention of over 100 million Netflix subscribers, with many wondering where Squid Game was filmed.